1994 Toyota Paseo 1.5 4 cylinder DOHC from North America


Great handling, bulletproof racing car


Water pump was replaced 3 times, because the car for some reason didn't like non OEM parts LOL.

General Comments:

This car is so reliable. At 20 years old, I've put this car through races left and right, ran it to the 6800rpm redline like it was just stolen, typical teenager male driving, but this car just holds up unbelievably.

Car runs the quickest on middle-grade gas, and handling for a solid beam rear is unbelievable.

Seats are decent; a lot more comfortable than 90% of cars I've driven or been in.

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Review Date: 15th December, 2002

17th Dec 2003, 16:45

Sorry to disappoint you...1994 was not even 10 years ago.

17th Dec 2003, 19:10

Umm-I think the review writer is referring to himself as 20 years old, not the car.

Now, slap your head, Homer!

1994 Toyota Paseo 1.8 from North America


An unbeatable first car


Nothing. This car has run beautifully for the last three years. Just need to change the oil and brake pads. Carpets are a little worn, but that was due to previous owner.

General Comments:

I can't say enough about this car. It is a great first car. It is reliable and easy to maintain. although it has the smallest back seat I have ever seen, I never sit back there so I don't have to worry about it. But I would recommend this car as a first car to anybody.

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Review Date: 8th July, 2002

12th May 2007, 13:48

I completely agree with you! I own a 94 Paseo as my first car, paid 1000$ from a friend (had 254KM) and now I`m at 280KM and only changed the timing belt and the oil pan because of a little oil leak, but wasn't that necessary and I wanted it to last another summer before I sell and buy a more expensive one. Ho and I changed the brakes, but that is normal repair fees. Except of this I drive it in cold Canada winter and always started at the 1st key turn.

I would really recommend it as a first car for Anyone!