1981 Toyota Pickup SR5 22R from North America


I think everyone should own one at least once in their lifetime


Fuel pump kept going out on me. It was a manual pump, and I went through 3 in one day, so I installed an electric pump.

General Comments:

My Dad bought this truck brand new in 1981, and I fell in love with it as a child, and now it's mine. It runs well in the winter except it doesn't put out much heat, but it starts at -40 below no problem (I live in Alaska). It's a rough ride due to a solid front axle.

You're not going to win any drag races in this thing, but I can bet my life that it'll get you were you need to go without issues.

I get 20 mpg pretty consistently.

I love how big the bed is.

Still the original tranny and engine.

My Dad always says that he never thought his kid would be driving it one day when he bought it. I'm not letting my kid drive it, because they're gonna have to bury me in this thing.

Most reliable, easy to work on truck I've ever owned. I love how simple and "right there" everything is.

My water pump went out on my 94 4runner and it took all day to replace it. My 81, 10 minutes tops. It didn't even go out; I replaced it just because.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 13th August, 2011