1996 Toyota Previa LE / SC 2.4 Supercharged from North America


7 years and I still rave about it!!!


Nothing but general maintenance.

General Comments:

This is by far the best van made. Handles well for a high profile vehicle. Reasonable performance for a 4 cylinder, due to the Supercharger. Very comfortable and roomy, even on long trips. @nd row seating is also very comfortable, with full leg and elbow room to spare. Lots of storage, due to the fold up rear seats. Both A/C units are up to par, even in the Florida Summer heat and humidity. Overall, it is above typical Toyota quality, comparable to their Cressida as far as satisfaction. It is a shame that they quit making it to follow the herd..

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Review Date: 6th August, 2005

27th Nov 2009, 21:19

I have owned a 1994 Previa LE 2wd since 1998. It now has 254000 and still has the original engine, transmission, power steering, etc. It still drives like new except for the check engine light and some oil leaks around the engine. Had to replace the alternator, accessory shaft, shocks, and a few other routine items. I do the work myself. They should not have stopped selling such a van.

1996 Toyota Previa GS 2.4 petrol from UK and Ireland


Excellent all round vechicle



General Comments:

Through the years, I have owned many cars, ranging from brand new BMWs & Mercs, through to Fords, Rovers, Nissans, Renault, etc.

But none have come close to long distance comfort. This car is more comfortable than my V8 BMW 5 Series was, which till now was the best all round car I have owned.

I bought the car for the wife, but give her my £25,000 Laguna to drive, and take this out myself.

Only bad point; drinks more fuel than my V8 BMW did, but you can't have it all.

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Review Date: 16th July, 2004

1996 Toyota Previa LE S/C 2.4 supercharged from North America


One of a kind


Check engine light comes on several times. I had to go back to the dealer several times until they finally fixed the problem. It was a clogged vacuum line inside the cylinder head. This happened at 120,000 miles.

Air-conditioner evaporator clogged up. I replaced the evaporator. 150,000 miles.

Brass on the starter needed replacement at 150,000 miles.

Catalytic converter needed replacement at 75,000 miles. It was rattling.

General Comments:

The van is a very good means of transportation.

A bit underpowered. I am considering installing a nitrous oxide system to boost the performance.

I was amazed on how it handle well.

We used it on our trip to the mountains and it took on the curves pretty well, with minimal roll despite its tall profile.

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Review Date: 26th June, 2002

11th Apr 2004, 07:49

Just to let you know that there is a Toyota Van Owner's enthusiasts site, if you're interested to join, the address is: http://www.toyotavanpeople.com -- just to let you know, they don't have many Previa Enthusiasts, but hopefully it will increase with time!

27th Nov 2005, 00:31

Actually, the best site on the internet for Previa owner discussions is:


I own a '93 & a '96.