2001 Toyota Previa Linea luna 2.0 D4D diesel from Belgium


A good car for a big family


When I got the car, the defrosting rear window was not working at all.

There were lot of noises, due to plastic vibrations at some speed and a belt seems to slip.

I have ask an early service at 5000 km, to change oil, oil filter and fix the previous problems, but all the problems are still there. The mechanic was even unable to set the right quantity of oil.

I had to go back the day after, and ask them to remove the overflow.

General Comments:

Otherwise, the car is comfortable, and really roomy.

The engine is not noisy, and is not expensive in diesel (8.5 l/100 km).

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Review Date: 30th March, 2002

19th Aug 2002, 14:49

I would like to add a small comment to my previous declaration. I do now 400km each day since one month and now I find my Previa less comfortable. This is due to the driving position, which is not perfect (steering wheel can only be adjusted vertically, and the seat cannot be adjusted vertically without changing the angle). Furthermore, a cruise control should be proposed as option, which is not the case in Belgium except if you take a Linea sol version, but you will have only six seats.

One good point is that now I reach 7.2 L/100km at ~120 km/h.

30th Jun 2004, 14:46

The car has now 86000 km. I had a problem with the rear brakes at 85000 km and the dealer has replaced the brake disks and the pads due to a problem with the pistons (caliper) - replacement under warranty.

The radio/CD/computer screen was also replaced under warranty around 60000km. The CD was running all the time even when the contact key was removed and it was not possible to eject the CD anymore.

I am still happy of the car, but a little disappointed for a Toyota of 2 years 1/2.