7th Apr 2005, 06:58

Very useful advice, I've been trolling through lots of adverts & was about to buy a Renault Espace, but after reading on here it seems Id be spending a great deal of my time in the garage! This review has changed my mind to go buy a Previa, I loved the looks, but wasn't sure about reliability until I read through all the reports here. I think the model with 2 sliding doors will suit me perfectly. Thanks very much.

9th Oct 2006, 07:50

Had a Previa (2001 model) for over 2years.Good load carrier and car-like to drive. I agree about the drawback concerning the removal of the seats. Chrysler do it better.

I've had reliability issues with the exhaust system i.e.Needed a revised catalytic converter (£900 approx) then One oxygen sensor (£234) four months later, another oxygen sensor (£234). I am informed by dealer that it has 4 sensors in all!! Dealership very poor in the service dept.

Would not buy another one.

27th Mar 2007, 14:32

I've had the 8 seater GS with petrol engine for a year now. I've taken it to the south of France and back and have had no problems whatsoever. However, my engine warning light came on shortly after getting to France and I drove it back rather nervously. I took it to a dealer to be told that the cat and all four sensors needed replacing at a probable cost of £1500. They switched the warning light off and curiously, though they did not do any work on the car, the light did not go back on again. Keen to have a second opinion I took it to my local garage - they checked the emissions and they were only slightly over the limits - some Cat Clean and £50 sorted it out. I was told that French petrol or just the very long drive might have been the cause. I love the car and will definitely have another one. One further word of warning - driver's side wiper blades are around £50 - normal generic blades won't fit - try just changing the rubber instead - my local parts shop did it for me with a pair of pliers - a much cheaper solution.