2006 Toyota Reiz RWD 2.5L V6 from China


Mediocre at best in almost all aspects except the front seats are a revelation!


Engine oil leaks.

Suspension cracks in A arm (front right).

Cat converters collapsed.

Sound system periodically fails for no reason.

Heater box died.

Sat nav has a mind of its own.

Terrible low and high beam.

Handles like a boat.

Terrible factory brakes (way too small discs and too few pistons in the brake callipers for the size and weight of the car).

LSD free spins one wheel like an open diff.

Gear box hunts for gears like it's got dementia.

Cracked dashboard due to cheap plastic dash frame in a hot climate.

They're the main things...

General Comments:

It really is not a driver's car by any stretch of the imagination. Boat like handling, no power to speak of, and a gear box that really belongs in a 1980's family sedan (with 6 gears instead of 4 that the time period used abundantly). It isn't my idea of an engaging drive.

Not a bad A to B car I guess, except fuel economy is pretty poor for a run about. Not bad as a highway cruiser, but in comparison to what I'm used to (fuel economy) in an Australian Ford Falcon, it's below average there too.

The seats are a shining light however with a nice driving position and enough adjustment for most drivers (strangely the passenger seat will not slide rearward enough for anyone close to 6 foot tall). A very well shaped foam for both base and back with nice side bolsters to hold you snug. Rear fold down seats are not ergonomic to put it mildly. However personally, I'm a 6 foot 6 inch male, there is only one seat I can use... the driver's. Lucky for me as I love to drive, but it really shows how cramped the interior is for a family with kids.

Boot (trunk for the Americans) space is poor, with poorly fitting carpet surrounds to add to the feeling of awkwardness and annoyance).

The styling is a bit strange in places, but Toyota has a habit of being boring across the board in that era, so this would have been a huge step up in comparison.

The engine bay is poorly laid out (for those of you who are not mechanically minded you probably don't care that much), with cost saving decisions everywhere especially in regards to the wiring harness path in some places. It just makes simple stuff like changing spark plugs etc far too time consuming due to having to undo unrelated bolts etc. That is time you pay a mechanic for by the way that is a complete waste. Also access to headlight bulbs is almost non existent with huge amounts of wasted time (that you pay the mechanic to waste most likely) to remove unrelated guards, covers etc just to access the rear of the headlight assembly). Also to note, the airbox (holds the air filter) clips go MIA at the first chance they get. Very annoying.

I know these things have a cult following in places like Japan, Hong Kong and Thailand, but I honestly don't know why.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 3rd November, 2016