2001 Toyota Sequoia Limited from North America


Runs great for me


Bought my Sequoia from an individual (round the 100,000 mile mark) not a dealer.

Back window would not roll down. Previous owner took it to be inspected. Dealership said that the motor was bad. They knocked the price down so that we could afford to get the window fixed. Make a long story short, the window mysteriously started working. Haven't had trouble since.

Brake lights, TRAC, VACS,& brake lights come on all the time.

General Comments:

Took it to my mechanic and they said that the alternator was bad. Replaced the battery before we knew that. So next in line is to purchase and repair the alternator to see if that helps. Also going to try the brake fluid comment. See if that helps.

Other than that, I love my truck. Love Toyota. Had other American made vehicles in the past, not one has been as hardy a vehicle as my Toyotas.

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Review Date: 17th October, 2007

5th Jun 2010, 10:14

True that my friend, Toyota rocks, best 4x4 ever.

2001 Toyota Sequoia Limited 4x4 4.7 Gas from North America


Very dissatisfied


A/C Compressor failed at 68,000. This caused a system failure in the A/C electronics and a $2,302.95 repair. Dealer quoted $3,500 for same repair opted for local mechanic.

General Comments:

Truck had been good until then. However, the catastrophic A/C failure at relatively low miles is unacceptable to me.

As a now reformed Toyota lover I could not recommend a Toyota to anyone now.

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Review Date: 17th September, 2007

2001 Toyota Sequoia limited V8 from North America


I have owned a Toyota Sequoia limted for 4 years and am encountering the same problem for the fourth year in a row. The rear axle seal has failed once again after being in the shop just 6 months ago. It is difficult to detect until you see the axle grease begin to appear on the wheel rims and since I keep the car immaculate it is quite obvious. But this time I was shocked to find that the vehicle failed the annual state inspection after the shop noticed the leakage while the car was up on the lift, not me. They told me the problem and I immediately knew what it was. The dealer had said in March of this year, the last time it was in for replacing the rear axle seals, that this last fix would definitely and permanently fix the problem. Well, this will be the fourth time in to fix a problem that was supposedly fixed only 6 months and 2000 miles ago.

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Review Date: 9th September, 2005

20th Nov 2006, 10:36

I have a 2002 Toyota Sequoia that seems to have the same problem with the drivers side rear axle seal. I purchased the vehicle 18 months ago and will be taking it to the dealer for the fourth time tomorrow. Luckily, it was still under warranty when they fixed it the first time. Other than this issue my wife loves the car.

2001 Toyota Sequoia Limited V8 from North America


Bad Purchase for the money


I purchased my 2001 Toyota Sequoia in Jan 2003. Since the purchase I have had the compressor replaced 2 times. The part is continuously on back order and the 1st occurrence left my SUV at the dealer for 3 weeks. It is currently at the dealer because of the compressor. The same issue 2 summers in a row. I feel that I paid far too much money for this SUV to be on 1st name basis with the service department. I will never buy another Toyota again.

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Review Date: 9th August, 2005

9th Aug 2005, 20:07

Toyota quality is way overblown and I found the parts availability to be a joke. Any parts I ever needed were not in stock and took a week for them to get shipped to the dealer. No more Toyota's for me either.

2001 Toyota Sequoia Limited 5.7L. V8 from North America


A poorly designed vehicle with lots of braking problems


Front brakes wear out prematurely.

Service brake light comes on intermittantly.

Anti-skid light come on for no reason.

Engine hesitates or almost quits on turns.

General Comments:

Toyota has a service campaign for the brake system, but won't cover after 36,000 miles. This campaign is to improve the brake actuators in the front, which cause warping of the rotors and a severe vibration. The fix is over $2000 to the owner when Toyota refuses to fix this problem. Decreased braking function also occurs because of this problem.

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Review Date: 14th November, 2003

10th May 2004, 21:20

I bought a 2003 Sequoia and I took my car to the dealer today for the 15,000 miles service. They told me that the front brakes were gone and I had to replace the pads. Is this common on these trucks? Don't you think 15k is nothing for brakes to completely wear?

Let me know what the industry says.

Ernesto J. Marin


24th Nov 2004, 00:16

I took my 2001 Sequoia to a dealer for maintenance recently and the service adviser recommended a brake upgrade even thought my Sequoia only has about 16,000 miles on it. He said it would be done at no cost to me, but I didn't have time to do it on that day. I called back later on that day for an appointment to have it done and was told that since my warranty had expired three months ago, I would have to pay for the upgrade myself. The service adviser also said that I might or might not have any problems with the brakes. Any advice?

2001 Toyota Sequoia Limited Edition 6 cylinder from North America


This vehicle is not worth the sticker price


The braking system has been a problem since 12,000 miles. I replace the brakes approximately every 12,000 miles and have continual problems with the braking system. The car actually shakes when I apply the brakes.

In addition, the track warning light goes on and off continually along with the brake lights.

The dealer has not been able to fix the problem.

Lastly, the power window in the rear of the vehicle has not worked since 38,000 miles.

Very unhappy with this vehicle @ 40,000 miles. Would not recommend.

General Comments:

Concerned with safe braking.

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Review Date: 24th September, 2003

24th Oct 2003, 15:24


We bought a Toyota Sequoia in 2001. We also have the same problem that you have been having with the brakes and the Track light and brake light coming on and staying on. We have taken it to the dealership 7 time since we purchased it and it is still going on. We contacted the Lemon Law. Hopefully it will be fixed.

2001 Toyota Sequoia SR5 from North America


High quality extra large SUV


The only thing that has gone wrong is a small piece of trim on the windshield came loose. The dealer replaced it with no problem.

General Comments:

The Sequoia is very comfortable and great for long family trips. I really like the over-sized sunroof.

We also use it to pull a boat and it has plenty of power and the traction control is very handy as well.

I would have expected Toyota to include nicer floor mats. The standard mats are not very thick or nice.

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Review Date: 25th August, 2002