2005 Toyota Sequoia SR-5 4.7L from North America


I"m very disappointed with both the product and the Toyota dealers


A Toyota dealer replaced the rear door latch that had failed and left the broken pieces inside the door, which now rattles when driving. Cost: $268.00.

While driving up a 5% incline in Jacksonville, lost over 50% power and all my warning lights came on. It seems that Toyota has a major design flaw in the engine. The air pump assy. went bad, which Toyota knew of the problem and never notified me they had an issue. My cost after I complained to the dealer was $1700.00. Mileage: About 70,000 miles.

The VSC, TRAC, ABS came on. Dealer replaced skid control ECU. My cost: $704.00. Mileage: 72,050.

Brake light came on with codes C1247 and C1310. Toyota adjusted light switch. Mileage: 71,999.

Brake booster failure. Brake light came on. Toyota dealer charged me $1084.00, and when I called the next day to get the bad part, they indicated it was gone. Mileage: 121,000. My rental car cost $280.00.

Timing belt and water pump replaced: My cost $979.00. Mileage: 93,000.

Rear wheel bearing failure at 137,000 miles. Cost: $504.00.

Driver's side seat needs to be repaired with new frame and leather replaced. Cost should exceed $1500.00.

At 70,000 miles, the rear bumper paint and clear coat is coming off.

General Comments:

Unless you can get a bumper to bumper warranty up to 100,000 miles, I would never buy a Sequoia again. Also, it is my opinion that Toyota dealers do not take the necessary time to diagnose the problems, but only replace parts.

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Review Date: 26th March, 2018