24th Feb 2006, 22:52

I wouldn't generalize by saying that just because someone drives an SUV, that they necessarily tend to go to fast, therefore ruining their brakes. I have read many Toyota Sequoia reviews, and there seems to be a common problem with the brakes, it might just be a discrepancy in the design, there are many people who have sports cars that drive more loony then SUV owners, it just depends on the person's driving habits, not the car they drive.

4th Apr 2006, 00:13

I agree with this last comment. Depends on how you drive. I had numerous argument over brakes with my Grand cherokee until I realize that the size of the rotors did not fit with the power of the beast. Not the case with you.

9th Jun 2006, 21:10

I've seen this problem with other manufacturers like Chevy Suburbans 1500. The problem was they used the braking system from the 1500 pickup. Minus the weight of the chasis worked to spec. however, with the added weight and the SUV being the daily suburban assault vehicle, increased wear on breaks was unavoidable. GT

7th Dec 2006, 21:44

I'm sorry you got saddled with both a poorly built vehicle and an uncooperative dealership. Sadly, Toyota seems to be in a state of decline. Comments on various models seem to indicate a lot of problems, especially in the area of brakes and in poor customer service. One member of our family has a Sequoia, and it has not lived up to its price or reputation. We opted for a domestic. In 60,000 miles we've had no problems, it is equal (or better) in overall build quality and cost $20,000 less.

11th Mar 2008, 09:47

I have a 2002 Sequoia Limited I bought April 10, 2002. Today I have 59,000.00 on this SUV and so far with regular maintenance done. I have needed all new Rotors and now I need a new transmission.