Sera 1.5 inline 4

A car designed and built way ahead of its time

41 words, Bangladesh


Sera Phase III Manual SLSS 1.5 16v petrol

Manual transmission makes it sprightly and fun, the Phase III spoiler and grey interior is handsome

287 words, UK and Ireland


Sera 1.5 petrol

Looks and performance combined, a great budget beauty

93 words, UK and Ireland, 3 comments

Sera 1.5

A distinctive small supercar design classic

94 words, UK and Ireland


Sera ACPH 1.5 16v petrol

Often misunderstood, Toyota's baby supercar is really a sensible, practical city car

615 words, UK and Ireland

Sera phase1 DOHC 1.5 petrol


27 words, Pakistan, 1 comment

Sera 1.5

A beautiful, pleasurable car to own and drive

132 words, Australia and New Zealand