26th Feb 2007, 18:39

I have lost all faith in Toyota. After buying six new Toyota vehicles four from the current dealer, they will not stand behind their products. My 2001 Sienna just died. Regularly maintained and taken care of. I was blown off and treated like a idiot by the dealer's service manager. After an independent evaluation by Magoo the service manager contents that it's isn't sludge and it will cast $8K to replace the engine. This after two other certified techs confirmed it was sludge. The retail value is $8k so the car is totaled. I will never, even if given one take a toyota. I have two newer toyotas and I can't unload them fast enough. Honda, here I come. I can't believe toyota doesn't stand behind their vehicles. It used to be you could look at 300K miles on a toyota. What a shame!

7th Jun 2007, 13:33

I guess I got lucky. I bought a brand new 02 sienna in august of 01. We have not had a single issue with it over 92,000 miles. We once waited 7,000 miles to do an oil change and I don't think we've even been close to the reccomended 3,000 mile mark on any oil change, and we only use the basic cheap-o oil and filter. We have only gotten like 2 tune ups only when we really needed them. My family has abused the hell out of this van yet it has never given us a problem (other than normal things that wear). It is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. I have been a Toyota guy all of my life and am sad to see that so many people have had problems with there toyotas.

Oh yeah, and by the way I have never gotten a letter about the sludge problems.

4th Mar 2009, 21:10

To the individual who says to change your oil more frequently than the engine manual states. When I buy a vehicle, maintenance frequency plays a role in my purchase. If I have to change my oil twice as often because of a manufactured defect, my cost of ownership has gone up. If the manual says 7500 miles between changes, I am within my right to expect that to be sufficient frequency. I change mine at 7500 miles, and I have had no sludge problems on our Toyota of 140,000 miles. I can tell you I have had more minor issues than I have had on the 2 previous Fords I have owned though. Lot's of body integrity issues. Impressed with the drive train, but the rest of the van is less than stellar. Not sure I would pay the extra money for a Toyota again.

5th Jan 2010, 22:33

We purchesed a new 2001 Toyota Sienna XLE in late 2000 and were informed of the sludge issue by a letter from Toyota back in 2002-3. Gave me a bad feeling because I "forgot" to do the first oil change until 10k miles.

We had a great 9 year, 109k mile run with the 2001 Sienna. ONLY problems we ever had was a sticky power door fixed by the dealer, and 2 exhaust O2 sensors I replaced.

That was the only CEL we ever got.

The Sienna was just totaled in an accident by a distracted driver with my wife and kids stopped at a light. My family was fine, but the other driver and our Sienna were not.

So after getting the run around from the dealers on a new 2010 Sienna (MSRP otd is not a deal by me), we saved a lot and went with a used 2009. Drives and feels like new and hopefully we'll get the same reliability as the 2001.