17th Jun 2008, 09:26

We have a 2005 Sienna - with only 30,000 miles on it, my wife has already had to replace the tires and called me today that the dealer wants almost $600 to replace front and rear brakes, that are completely worn.

24th Jun 2008, 16:58

We have a 2004 Siena with 65,000 miles and are now putting on our third set of front brake pads, but we bought it when it had about 36k on it, so we're getting about 15k miles before needing to change brake pads. This is the worst brake wear I've ever encountered in any vehicle I've owned. At this rate, we'll need to change the brake pads around every fifth oil change. Dreadful.

27th Jul 2008, 00:37

I have a 2003 Sienna that did not need to have the brakes done until 100,000 miles. Over the years, I have experienced the intermitent squealing from the rear brakes that has been reported in other posts. But a simple cleaning of the accumulated brake dust always fixed the problem. I can tell you that the quote I got from the dealership to perform the brake job was TWICE what my local tire/brake shop (Les Schwab) quoted me. You can gues where I had the work done!

17th Sep 2008, 19:01

I happened on this site because Sears just told my wife that we need new brake pads on our 2001 Sienna. Mileage is 116xxx and this is the first set. Looks like I will think twice about looking for a newer Sienna until Toyota takes care of what is obviously a flaw in their newer brakins system.

24th Oct 2008, 13:16

I own a 2004 Toyota Sienna. All tires had to be replaced at 25,000 and now new front and back brakes at 30,000! This is unacceptable- I purchased a Toyota for reliability. I would not buy this product again.

24th Oct 2008, 21:16

2004 Toyota Sienna.

I came upon this site while looking for information on removing the rotors on my Sienna to have them cut or replaced. My Sienna has been trouble free since we purchased it new, it now has 58000 miles on it and I'm putting the first new brakes on it. Sorry to hear others are not so lucky. I should have the brakes all together tomorrow for under $100.00. My wife and I are so pleased with the way this vehicle handles and the mileage is within 2 mpg of sticker. We will keep this vehicle until junkyard time and possibly buy another.

29th Oct 2008, 15:33

Today I learned from our Toyota Dealer that we need new rotors and new brake pads for about $500. This is the sixth break job that we have had since purchasing the 2004 Sienna new in August 2003. In February 2008, I lost my breaks due to a broken left caliper and that cost me a hefty price to replace the left caliper and brake pads. When I returned the vehicle in May, the brake pads were 50% worn!

Today, the Dealer indicated that Toyota was called and recommended a new thicker brake pad which was designed for increased brake issues. When does this end?

I am extremely disappointed in the Toyota's brake system which is used for the van as well as the Dealership's reason for the break issues.....my driving! I have had Toyota vehicles in the past and have been happy with them, but this van and the break issues are ridiculous along with Toyota's failure to identify the issue and handle it through a recall! I have never gone through 6 sets of breaks in five years!

3rd Dec 2008, 21:55

We have a 2005 Sienna, and so far we replaced the brake pads after 25,000 miles, then had to replace rotor and pads after 15,000 miles after that, replaced brake pads at 10,000 miles later, replaced brake pads at about 9,000 miles later, and just recently had to replace the rotors at 19,000 miles.

We've had a Camry, 4Runner, Corolla, Supra, and Ford Aerostar; and we've never had to replace the brake parts as fast as this under-designed mini-van. This has left a very bad taste, and we may switch to a Honda.

3rd Jan 2009, 20:07

We have an 04 Sienna that we bought with 60000 miles on it. We now have over 110,000 miles and are just now looking to replace the pads and rotors. I will do this myself for less than $150 and I will also be flushing the brake fluid at the same time (full fluid flush).

There are a number of reasons why pads would wear quickly but the car is not the issue. There are a number of ways to deal with this:

1. Make sure you are not riding the brakes. If you overuse the brakes they will wear faster than normal. If you drive two footed (left foot on the brake and right foot on the gas) you are probably pressing on the brake pedal constantly.

2. Replace the original pads with high quality, semi-metallic or ceramic pads. Research which pads last a long time and provide good stopping power.

3. It is usual nowadays to replace the rotors at the same time as the pads. Many rotors are thin and not suitable for turning. Replace these with a high quality rotor as well. Don't use slotted or cross-drilled rotors on a van! These weaken the rotors and they also wear through pads faster than solid surface rotors.

4. Squeaks are not necessarily indicative of worn pads. Brakes that squeak could just need a new coating of brake grease. Same labor as replacing the brakes but no new parts.

You can see how thin the pads are by taking off the wheel and looking at the pad. If the front of the pad is thinner than the pad back then then should be replaced. If the pad is thicker than the back then they don't need to be replaced. With a jack and tire iron you could check all the pads in 30 minutes or so.

Don't blame the van for quick replacement of the brake pads and rotors and make sure you have someone you trust check and then fix/replace them.

9th Mar 2009, 12:37

2005 Sienna LE - warped front rotors. First time at 60,000 miles, I replaced pads with ceramic and replaced front rotors with Duralast from Autozone. After 15,000 miles they are warped again. The rotors are cheap, but I don't want to keep replacing them. Every van I have own has eaten tires and brakes. Poor engineering - trying to make a van ride like a car. I've taken to just calculating this cost into owning a van. The manufacturers will never change - the cheap bums...

22nd Apr 2009, 19:52

I was told today by my Toyota dealer that my 2004 sienna of 61K needs new front brake pads and rotors, costing about $420. I changed the first set of front brakes at 33K! The problem is blamed on my aggressive driving. I am disappointed in this van.

30th Apr 2009, 23:50

2005 Sienna - Changed first set of pads and rotors at 25k miles, second set of pads and turned rotors at 50k. Very frustrating, but also not unusual for a van.

26th Jul 2009, 23:56

Wow, do you people realize that you are trying to stop a 4300lb. vehicle? It's the same brake system that's used in the Camry (same rotors/pads). Get yourself a set of Akebono ProACT ceramics and a good quality rotor (Brembo, Power Slot, Beck/Arnley comes to mind). Ceramic pads won't chew into the rotor compared to other pad materials. Don't blame OEM parts for the entirety of the car itself. I'm really happy with my '08 Sienna and it hasn't chewed through the tires or brakes as of yet. You can't drive a minivan the same way you drive a car, though most people do. Slotted rotors won't necessarily chew through pads faster, it really depends on the rotors and the pads used. Everyone that I have personally seen with slotted or cross-drilled+slotted rotors don't have to change their brakes for quite some mileage.