12th Feb 2007, 10:28

This review has obviously been written by a car dealer (as has the other gushing 2006 Sienna review).

1st Jul 2008, 21:07

Normally complaining about the tires WOULD be nit-picking. But in this case there is no place to put a spare because this van was designed around the use of run-flats---thus no need for a spare tire. So, unfortunately for owners, these tires wear quickly and unevenly and can cost $1000 to replace. Often 12,000 miles is all many are getting out of them. Do the math. If, like many Toyotas, the engine lives to 240,000 miles, that's 20 sets of tires or $20,000 in tires...OUCH!!

30th Dec 2008, 09:16

The previous post is incorrect.

The $800 (total kit) reduced size spare bolts to the floor of the seat/tire-well behind the third row. Low for the rounded trim area, and feel in the center for the factory installed anchor point.

The upholstered cover is of poor quality, and if I had it to do over, I would just cut and bolt through a piece of plywood put over the spare.

BTW, the paint is peeling off the wheels on my Sienna AWD, at less than 36000 miles, and Toyota says it's not covered by the warranty.

30th Dec 2008, 11:39

Toyota engines of today do not live to 240,000 miles. The notion that they will is based on the long purported (and woefully naive) myth of supposed Toyota infallibility, that is quickly becoming discredited with Toyota's horrific quality problems of late. Take a look at this:


Moreover, 240,000 miles is not a lot for an engine today, provided it is not a late model Toyota engine, which as the above link shows, has problems making it even to 100,000 miles.

27th Aug 2009, 09:50

I have Toyota Sienna. Driven only 15,000 miles. Wheel alloy is rusting and peeling on all four wheels. Toyota would not do anything on it. They stay by their warranty and would not accept any responsibility. Even the dealer considers it a safety issue.

24th Nov 2009, 07:20

Ditto...same paint peeling on alloy looking wheels from my 2006 XLE... makes it look cheap... I will approach the dealer but expecting nothing... it is a shame because I like the vehicle overall... I see a recall coming on this if enough posts... anyone else with same issue?

18th Apr 2010, 19:50

I also have a 2006 Sienna, Limited. Same peeling problem on all 4 wheels, even with very mild winters and regular wheel cleaning. This unsightly problem significantly reduces the outside beauty of the vehicle.

19th Apr 2010, 11:45

You know peeling paint is pretty easy to fix. Have your wheels sandblasted and paint them yourself. It will only take a day or so.