1987 Toyota Soarer GTS 2.8 supercharged from Australia and New Zealand


Great high performance 4 door family car


When I got the car it was in a really good condition. Had minor oil leak from the transmission seal. Easily fixed by a new seal.

Engine head gasket needs replacing after about 40,0000 km.

Supercharger spool control (computer) played up a few times resetting the boost level form 10psi (standard) to 5psi (minimal in diagnostics mode)

Replaced the battery a few months ago.

Airbag suspension doesn't work - replaced by standared king springs with KYB Shocks (quoted $1900 for repair).

Parts are hard to find as its is a 4 door special edition. Although doors are changeable from the 1990 Cressida MX75.

General Comments:

Great car for under $12,000.

Performance is great wiping off local Holdens (V8's).

Quite harsh when pushed. Pushed you in the seat rapidly.

Gear change is unnoticeable.

Handling with factory suspension isn't very good and body roll is quite bad.

Digital dash (with digital boost) needed replacing after 190,000.

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Review Date: 1st September, 2002

9th Jul 2009, 10:57

No offence, But the Soarer is, was, and always has been a 2 door coupe.

The 1987 Soarer was ONLY available with a 3 Litre Turbo, a 2 Litre Twin Turbo and a 2 Litre Naturally Aspirated Engine.

The 1985 Soarer was the last Soarer with a 2.8L engine and that was naturally aspirated, not Supercharged.

Post Pics of your ride!