1996 Toyota Soarer SC3000 3.0 litre straight 6 from Australia and New Zealand


Very reliable, smooth, sporty and cool


When I got this car, it needed some work. The previous owner was some young, clueless guy who thought driving a car was all about "having fun" - ???

It needed a new radiator and water pump because of the prior idiot owner, and this young clueless guy had both been running green coolant in it. NO! NO! NO! Toyota motors take RED coolant. They are alloy motors, not brass/copper! That's why the radiator and water pump needed doing.

Transmission needed new solenoids, something these gearboxes are famous for. Once replaced, the transmission returned to perfect.

Control arms always wear on these, and I am up for fronts pretty soon. Can feel it.

General Comments:

The car is very smooth and quiet

However, compared to the V8 models, it is nowhere near as quick, which is surprising because this car has a 2JZ Supra motor, and in the Supras these motors are rockets.

If you are a big guy or girl, you will struggle getting in and out of this car, and despite it supposedly being a 4-seater, it is not. It only fits 2 unless you are a family of skinny, small people.

It has many impressive features that other more modern cars don't have, but not as many as the V8s. By the mid 1990's, Toyota Japan seems to have eased back on the over-engineering they were famous for on the first Soarers (1991-1994).

The boot space is not very good. A little disappointing, but what the heck, it is supposed to be a coupe. So not really a legitimate complaint unless you are expecting something out of this car that it won't give you.

Surprisingly fuel consumption is pretty poor. It actually has worse consumption than my 1992 SC400 - and that is a 4.0 litre V8.

Remember, the 1996 model is a late model version of this car, which was in continuous production in various forms from 1991-2000. This model is the last of the 1994-1996 series. It has improvements, but basically it is the same car that it always was from 1991-2000, but with a non turbo straight 6 cylinder engine. Good for the wife to drive (so long as she is not too large).

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Review Date: 22nd September, 2013