1986 Toyota Starlet DX from Sweden


A very good first car! Reliable!


Changed petrol tank, due to rust.

Rust on the balks and at the doors.

General Comments:

An excellent car to own and to drive! Never failed me yet!

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Review Date: 10th December, 2003

1986 Toyota Starlet 1.0 litre petrol from UK and Ireland


Cheat scrap, only good for rallying around a field in the country


1. Exhaust Pipe went, but that was to age.

2. Oil Sump leaked oil all the time.

3. Due to age, the carb. started to fail, and it consumed large amounts of fuel.

4. Someone broke the rear-left window and stole the spare whee.

5. Drivers window wouldn't open.

6. The radio was useless.

7. Other small things went wrong which I can't remember.

8. In the end, the car was stolen.

General Comments:

The car was not brilliant, it consumed large amounts of petrol, parts were hard to find since the car was a Japanesse import, and if you went over 70mph, all I have to say is to hold onto something solid and wear the seatbelt. It leaked oil, and on the drive-way, there was always a oil stain. It was OK for short journeys, but just don't drive from Dublin to Galway, because you will feel the pain.

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Review Date: 27th April, 2003

1986 Toyota Starlet GL 1.0 12v from UK and Ireland


No frills efficiency


The brake pads have worn out, but that's not too unexpected.

The handbrake indicator light's performance is intermittent at best. ie. it comes on and off when it pleases; relating not one iota as to if the handbrake is applied!

The exhaust fittings went. And the whole exhaust had to be replaced at around 95000 miles.

General Comments:

The car runs well and you have to give it to the manufacturers, it starts every time.

It is underpowered, but as a first car it is adequate.

Still has enough gas to get you past those annoying articulated trucks.

The seats have suffered from use.

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Review Date: 30th January, 2002

1986 Toyota Starlet Base 1.0 12V from Netherlands


Nippy, economical, very reliable, basic transport. Will always get you there


It started to rust, but what do you expect after 14 years in the rain?

Rear shock absorber dishes had to be replaced in 1998, due to rust.

The front exhaust pipe broke while on holiday in Southern England. Note: do not drive through Cheddar Gorge without a working muffler! ;-)

The exhaust was replaced by a Toyota dealer in Bristol, on a Sunday, fitted free of charge. Impressive.

Steering universal joint froze, making steering very stiff. Common fault on Starlets of this age - easily rectified at first by a general dose of WD40. Eventually fixed by fitting a replacement from a low mileage specimen in a junkyard.

Main light switch on the column stalk failed. Common on all Toyota's of this age. Replacement column stalk from junkyard fixed it.

Otherwise, the car was totally reliable.

General Comments:

Basic spec means very basic: no carpets, but vinyl mats on floor, vinyl seats, thin-rimmed steering wheel, no halogen headlights, no trip odometer, no wiper interval, no rear wiper, only four gears.

1 litre engine always ran like a sewing machine. Good performance and economy, too, due to the low weight.

Lack of a fifth gear made it a bit 'buzzy' on the motorway. This did not deter the current owner from driving to Kiev and back in it with his family. Reliable all the way, though. As expected.

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Review Date: 8th June, 2001