1982 Toyota Supra P-Type 2.8 Liter straight 6 from North America


Fantastic car, so much fun, and still practical


The master cylinder for the brakes went out shortly after I got the car.

Muffler went out.

Battery died (not a big deal at all).

A bit of rust on the quarter panels.

General Comments:

I loved this car. I am a 17 year old guy, and this was my first car. I bought it when I was 16 right after summer vacation was over with the money I had made during the summer.

Everything listed above that went wrong with it, went wrong in the first month of owning it, since then I have never had a problem with it.

The car ALWAYS started up, even one morning when it was -15 F. If it leaks oil, it's not enough to notice.

The car had plenty of power, and a good bit of pep. The suspension was a bit unresponsive, but not bad by any means.

It's an extremely comfortable car, and I could easily drive all day in it without getting uncomfortable (backseat is a different story...).

I think my only complaint about the car would be that the gearshift has much too long of a shaft on it, and requires too much movement to shift between gears.

The car had a sad end just about a week ago, some guy in a pick up ran through a red light, and nipped the front left corner of my car, diamond-ed the frame, and messed a bunch of stuff up... the car was deemed totaled by the insurance company. I actually got so sad when they told me that I almost cried. Nonetheless, the car handled very well in the accident. I was not hurt at all, not even whiplash. I was very impressed with that.

All in all, fantastic car, if you can find one in decent shape, buy it. GREAT first car.

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Review Date: 25th February, 2009

1982 Toyota Supra 2.8 from North America


It is a small and sporty car in great shape despite it's age


The entire air conditioner needed to be re-done.

Two of the speakers including the one closest to the driver were cracked.

The radio also was getting very bad reception on most stations.

General Comments:

The car is in great condition, I bought it off the original owner and he still had the plastic on the back seats from when he originally purchased it. He only used it during the summer and kept it garaged for the rest of the year. He also kept a detailed record of what he has done to the car over the years.

I was able to get the air conditioner fixed, but for a good amount of money, I think total around 700 dollars.

I put all new speakers all around and upgraded the radio with mp3 and cd capabilities, and it sounds fine.

There is an unreliable security system located in the glove compartment that I have been hesitant to mess with.

The back seats are slightly cramped, but it hasn't been a problem for me as I usually only have 1 passenger or 2 and if there is only 1 person in the back seat it is OK.

The car is in tip-top shape with no rust or dents and the engine runs smooth.

I bought it for 4500 and then had it appraised and insured for 6000 dollars.

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Review Date: 26th April, 2005

27th Apr 2005, 13:39

Guess the previous owner sure got his money's worth out of those seat covers.

You paid more than double the average retail value for an '82 Supra per NADA book.

11th Dec 2005, 23:07

I say it's worth every penny he paid. I guess only another Supra Guy would understand the collectible value. Have fun!

2nd Apr 2010, 01:31

I've had 3 *mark 2* Supra's. I used the 82 as a donor for the 83, and typically the same extremely fun car, the rear suspension was designed for Toyota by Lotus that makes it corner like no one's business. I'm sitting in absolute joy as I just found another 82 Supra with 134,000 km's for $1,300, hardly any rust at all, and everything is in beautiful shape otherwise.

1982 Toyota Supra 2.8 from North America


Cheap performance


Key way broke out on crank shaft at 170,000.

General Comments:

This car is fast and handles like a sports car.

I got the car for $400 an only put $100 in it to fix it.

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Review Date: 1st November, 2003

1982 Toyota Supra Celica L-type 2.8L Inline 6 from North America


Good reliable used car


Alternator and Starter broke.

Power steering is starting to leak.

Leather seats have been abused and starting to wear.

Tires seem to wear out quickly.

General Comments:

The engine and transmission on these cars have been described as bullet-proof. No problems at all. It does not leak or burn oil. And the oil is always gold.

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Review Date: 22nd March, 2003