1985 Toyota Supra from North America


I friggin love this car!!


Only 2 things have gone wrong with my Supra since I bought it.

First, I had to have the EGR channel through the intake manifold cleared of carbon build-up to pass emissions.

Second, my power antenna broke a couple of weeks ago, but I can still raise and lower it by hand if need be.

General Comments:

It's not quite up to performance par with today's cars.

That being said, it is still one of the finest cars I've ever owned. The steering is precise, and as easy as any electronically controlled steering on modern cars.

Seats are amazingly comfortable, even on long drives.

The suspension is both firm and forgiving at the same time. Harsh, sharp bumps can make the car jump a bit, but it is very smooth overall. The faster you go, the more solid it feels. And with the limited slip diff, it handles like a rocket sled on rails :)

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Review Date: 20th November, 2010

1985 Toyota Supra stock from North America


Very nice, fast and dependable car


The first thing that went wrong is my windows, the motors are going out on it and the driver side window does not go up all the way up. Also my combination switch on my headlights are kinda twacked and it is going to cost me 200 or more to fix it. kinda bad on gas mileage when you put your foot into it. my Emergency break don't lock and I have to put a new stereo in it. I had my water pump go out on me, then I had to replace my thermostat. and then my car just kept heating up, but then put some anti-freeze in it and solved the problem. my power steering is out so it is a beast to turn at slow speeds. my interior lights do not work. but I still love the car.

General Comments:

It is a good and reliable car, I wouldn't trade it for sure. it hits 100 in seconds and then it doesn't feel like it at all.

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Review Date: 28th February, 2004

1985 Toyota Supra 2.8 Litre straight six from Australia and New Zealand


A mega-reliable touring car


The radiator gave out at 215,000 km's. Had it reconditioned.

The master cylinder for the clutch leaked twice, once at 202,000 km's and the second time at 220,000.

The ignition coil slowly 'conked' out (at 220,000), eventually causing a costly string of faults in the ignition system.

Air conditioning unit lost some gas (at 225,000), but this was mainly due to little use.

Power steering sprung a leak at 226,000 km's. Costly to repair.

General Comments:

Beautiful car, really reliable. And when something went wrong with the car, it was usually minor and you could drive for months while it had the problem, (I recommend that you fix any fault as soon as possible though, otherwise it all adds up).

Handles corners really well, but it is not classed as a sports car, as it isn't all that fast acceleration-wise. Get the automatic version if you can find one.

One of the nicest looking cars out there, especially the Aussie compliance model (with the flared wheel guards).

This car was a little thirsty on the petrol (14 litres/Km, or 20 mpg). But it's worth it, and better than the later model Supra's.

Watch out when you have to replace any part, especially if it isn't a part of the engine. The prices are sky-high! (And avoid any car that has a targa top).

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Review Date: 19th April, 2003

1985 Toyota Supra 2.8L Straight 6 cylinder from North America


Worth its weight in platinum


Radiator had to be replaced at about 245,000 miles due to leakage. Could not be repaired.

Passenger front strut had to be replaced at 245,000 miles. Blew through top mount and was hitting the hood.

Cruise control stopped working 2nd day of ownership. (I don't like cruise control anyway)

Horn was disconnected before purchase. Stock alarm activates -every- time you unlock the doors.

Automatic locks are temperamental.

Exhaust needs replaced now.

Lumbar support on driver's seat no longer works.

General Comments:

I love this car!

It has never let me down, I've taken it on cross country trips numerous times. (Kansas to Pennsylvania and back. Kansas to North Carolina and back.)

I change the oil every 3,000 miles, it will go through one quart between every oil change.

Clutch tends to be soft, but not problematic.

Gas mileage would be decent if I could keep from speeding. I did go from NC to Co with under $100 in fuel. (Approx. 5 fill-ups)

This car encourages you to drive very fast. The faster you go, the smoother the ride. It handles curves like a dream.

Drivers seat is the most comfortable in the world.

I will not sell this car. Ever.

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Review Date: 11th February, 2003

1st Aug 2003, 06:47

In reference to the factory alarm going off. this problem happened with my 85 supra. try locking the door with the key in stead of lifting the handle. if that doesn't work I don't know then.

28th Feb 2004, 19:10

I am having the same problem with my car, help if you can.

14th Jul 2004, 16:35

I alway lock my car with the key. But the problem I am having is the ignition failure. Something happens when I turn the car off then start it up again. Again this is on a 85 Supra. Email me if you want Mrhfield@hotmail.com.

21st Nov 2004, 18:47

My 1985 Toyota Supra - with 63,000 miles and in excellent condition has a problem the dealer service department is unable to detect. The warning brake light keeps going on. There is a clicking sound coming from the warning light and a musty odor is being emitted. Any suggestions?

22nd Apr 2005, 21:15

I just bought a 86 supra. when I lock my doors, then come back and unlock them the alarm goes off. I put the key in the ignition to turn it off, but my car won't start until the next day. what can I do?