1997 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo 3.0L TT from North America


Fast car if you have the money to throw at it


Idle air control failed, fuel pump relay failed, torn motor mount replaced, new coil packs, control arms replaced, shocks/struts replaced.

General Comments:

The Toyota Supra is probably every import enthusiasts or ricer fanboy's dream car, with a close second being the NSX. Everyone is pretty familiar with the basics this car is known for, such as making impressive numbers on the dyno and its top-heavy pull on the open road. It's true, these cars are fast. In stock form, the performance is still impressive, but dated with the cars out in the last decade. However, most people don't buy a Supra and leave it stock. They want the power, after all!

The 2JZGTE is a pretty bulletproof engine. The bottom end can take a lot of abuse along with the head. The Getrag 6 speed is also a great transmission. With relatively moderate work, you can easily make over 500rwhp. That being said, there are some negative attributes to take into consideration.

Parts and upgrades for these cars are EXPENSIVE. You can easily sink a mortgage into building these cars. Fanboys will name-drop names like Ryan Woon or talk up the 900-1200rwhp Supra they saw on some YouTube video. But I can promise you they had a lot of money to throw around, and tens of thousands of dollars went into the engine alone. This all not counting the initial cost of the car to begin with, which in the U.S. a 6 speed Supra is not going to be had in respectable shape for under 25k. Might get lucky, but they generally seem to run in the 30k+ range.

That is the biggest downside to the otherwise great Supra: You have to pay to play. Compared to say the LS1, there are not nearly as many vendors for parts and parts are not nearly as plentiful. If you don't do your own work, you pretty much have to live in or within driving distance of a major city with a shop that can work on the 2JZ. Where I live, I have to drive all the way to Dallas, Texas just to find a reputable tuner. Other than that, I do my own modifications and they are still costly compared to some other cars out there that can be had.

The build quality is pretty good on these cars. The fit together well and age well. It's very much a Toyota. Insurance isn't as much of a killer, at least in my case compared to say a Mustang. You will definitely get noticed. Particularly by boys in their Hondas, Eclipses, Cobalts, name-your-4banger-car. Fortunately, the Supra does not give off a 'ricer' vibe. But that doesn't mean the ones that do will leave you alone. You have to wonder what they are thinking.

Handling is very good, particularly with some adjustable coilovers. The powerband of the 2JZ is very.. lopsided. Particularly the later VVTI engines. If you have the stock twin turbos, lag isn't so bad from a stop. If you've gone single turbo (many do), the lag feels like a lifetime. Off-the-line acceleration is rather lackluster. These cars are top-heavy cars and the acceleration is unbelievable after 2nd gear and 3,000rpm.

Overall, the Supra is a car you have to love or you will hate it, particularly since you'll be spending some money on a car that's over a decade old. You will need a good sum of money for the Mark 4 Supra, particularly if you are dreaming big on power. It's well built, it's fast, it has the potential to be faster. Unless you just HAVE to have one, I'd consider shopping around to get your fix, especially if you are on a budget.

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Review Date: 25th August, 2011

1997 Toyota Supra RZ 3.0 Twin turbo from UK and Ireland


A lethally awesome, gorgeous machine!


In my experience practically nothing.

In all extremes of weather, I've had 100% start up every time.

General Comments:

Had this car two years, and have enjoyed it tremendously.

Its beautiful to look at, especially from the rear with its awesome spoiler and high tech light cluster, and turns heads all the time, real street credibility and presence-remember the Fast & the Furious!!

Acceleration is amazing,0-60 in 5.1 seconds, and overtaking easy, though real agility slightly compromised when compared to somewhat smaller and lighter sports cars-not to be thrown around on slick roads!

Fuel economy-lets face it if you have to ask then you've picked the wrong car!

I'd recommend the turbo version, which engages with an awesome sound and roars up to high revs such that you're literally jolted back in your seat!

Equipment levels are standard for most of these, plenty of toys and gadgets as you'd expect, but factory stereo/ICE not much to write home about, personally I installed custom set-up, Alpine, Phoenix Gold etc.

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Review Date: 23rd February, 2003

1997 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo from North America


Best sportscar bang for the buck there is!


Absolutely nothing wrong.

General Comments:

This is a very fast, reliable car. The car is comfortable and fun to drive, albeit a bit heavy for serious road racing without suspension upgrades. I've never had a car I loved more. Its rarity increases its appeal.

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Review Date: 21st March, 2001

21st Dec 2004, 09:52

If you ask me, Supra's are and will always be the greatest cars around! I have always wanted one, and someday I will own one. Forget a Viper and a Corvette. A Supra is way more affordable, and much more fun to customize.