1998 Toyota Supra Turbo 3.0 I6 turbo from North America


I simply love this car and its such a blast to drive. Who could ask for anything more!


Needed to replace all engine mounts.

Performed regular maintenance, timing belt, new tires.

Had to replace door speakers. They blew out because they are cheap type.

Replaced coil packs and hoses because this engine generates a lot of heat and rubber, plastic and heat don't mix well.

General Comments:

This car is really fast and has excellent handling.

The interior is pretty well bolstered for a sports car.

The controls are driver oriented facing the driver and are well made.

I can smoke most cars and everyone stares at my car when I drive it bringing a lot of attention.

The trunk is not bad for a sports car but can only fit small items. Sorry no golf clubs or suit cases.

The rear seats are just for decoration because even small kids will have a hard time because it lacks in leg room.

The Supra has very wild looks and turns heads ALL the time!

The parts for this car are hard to come by since its so rare and only a few were made.

The rarity of this car makes it more popular to obtain and also its been featured in movies.

Visibility is alright and backing up is pretty good even with the big spoiler in the rear.

If you pound this car on the streets you have to let the turbo's rest for about 3 minutes or your bearings will fry and that gets kinds of irritating.

But a turbo timer will solve that problem easily.

The sport roof comes off and you can have yourself a convertible, however when it rains you have to pull over and cover it quick, believe me it happened to me once. Make sure it's a super sunny day guaranteed.

The used car prices will remain ridiculously high due to the classic collector value and the very few numbers that were made. Some sell for even more than the original sticker price depending on mods and well maintained cars.

Working on the engine can be cumbersome due to its tight bay and components that are very close together.

Changing the oil is a chore on this car but it can be done. Small hands and chinese acrobatics help.

0-60 comes in about 5.4 seconds and quarter mile is about 13's.

This car has 320 h.p. and 325 ft. lbs. of torque so it has the power to match its supra fine looks.

Body hardware is very good. Doors, controls, panels etc.

This car doesn't have a cup holder at all! But then who would sip coffee at 150 mph.

You can hear the two turbo's come in to play, one at a low rpm and the second bigger turbo comes whistling in at around 4000 rpm making this car fly like jet taking off!

The turbo engine has a speed limiter at around 155 mph but this car could easily do 180 mph without it.

The ride is bumpy, but it's a sports car that's why, and amplifies every pavement flaw.

This car is very reliable for a sports car and it's a Toyota!

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Review Date: 24th August, 2008

1998 Toyota Supra 3.0i petrol from UK and Ireland


Undetected blown head gasket at 90k corroded block and cooling system, engine replaced. (Common problem to watch out for, I found out later)

General Comments:

Love it! Good solid fast comfortable to drive, plenty of power at the top of the rev range, less lower down makes cruising (relatively) economical. All the goodies, ABS, Cruise, Aircon, make it a car that I am going to miss, (growing family has forced sale). High mileage without service history could cost you BIG time. Toyota parts expensive, no third party parts available, not even scrap.

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Review Date: 18th May, 1998

21st Mar 2001, 06:49

Blown head gaskets are not a common MKIV problem. They *are* a common MKIII problem.

8th Jul 2001, 03:47

Any plans from Toyota to produce a sports car that rivals the Supra in the near future??

21st Oct 2002, 08:37

Not in the near future.

5th Aug 2003, 00:48

I currently have a Blown Head Gasket (BHG) on my 1995 MKIV NA at 37,000 kms.

It is correct that a BHG for MKIV's are rare.

1st Apr 2004, 05:38

Replying to earlier comment new supra mk v is unveiled later this year. keep an eye out.

15th Nov 2004, 14:24

I am interested in purchasing a Toyota Supra twin turbo - but concerned at the reviews stating a common fault is the head gasket blowing- how much does this cost (approx) to have replaced?

Mel k.

2nd Oct 2010, 18:54

Love the Supra. It's a bit heavy in my eyes. The new Supra is called Lexus LFA. Check out the Lexus IS-F as well. I have a Nissan Silvia; well it was a 240SX, but converted to a Silvia with big turbo injectors standalone etc... Putting 350 at the wheels at 950kg weight.