3rd Oct 2003, 11:00

Concerned Consumer:

I have replaced the head gasket on my supra at 62,000 miles (symptoms: leaking externally). I now have a blown head gasket or cracked head at 217,000 miles (symptoms: initial fluctuations in temperature, now smoke and steam). Are these cars prone to these problems?

28th Dec 2003, 01:23

I too, have replaced the head gasket on my Supra, as well as the clutch fan and radiator at under 187,000 miles. This was done not 2 months ago, and it is beginning to act up again, but not overheating, just using a lot of oil. Despite these problems, I still love my car, but will call the 800 number, because I can't afford the $800.00 head job again.



Northern California.

5th Feb 2004, 02:58

I had an 87 Toyota Supra, and the head gasket blew at 168K. Up until that problem, this car was really reliable.

I read that this problem is because they didn't tighten the head bolts enough, and they used a composite head gasket instead of metal. It's really disappointing, but even more so is that they didn't acknowledge this problem and perform a recall.

My '84 Celica also had a serious over-heating problem that I couldn't solve (after replacing everything in the cooling system). It seems like it had the same problem.

Honestly, I don't think I'll buy Toyota ever again. Bad head gasket design, and no recall.

20th Mar 2004, 11:29

Well on a 150k mile engine you can expect something to go wrong...

They never went when the cars where new hence why there was never a recall...

I think having an engine that has done 100k miles and having a head gasket go ain't too bad considering it's a turbo engine.. yes there are design faults.. The engine was later revised with the 1jz and the 2jz in the later supras.. The old M series engine was finished with..

24th Oct 2004, 17:25

Hey, I just bought a Supra that had the same head problems you all described guess what I did to fix it. Tighten it down to about 120 pounds on each bolt. that fixed the water mixing with the oil, but, I still can't get it to stop over heating, but it only happens on the freeway.

8th Sep 2005, 20:10

My 2001 Celica with only 68000 miles is leaking/burning oil. I took it to a Toyota dealership for service and they verified it is burning oil, but also informed me there has been no recall. Could it be a leaking head gasket problem like other comments read about the Supra? There is no oil on the floor, but it is going somewhere else. Any suggestions?

8th May 2008, 09:06

I ahave a 1989 toyota supra in the past 1 year time I change head gasket twice please advise.

8th May 2008, 16:36

You guys must be joking. Your complaining about cars that are old and worn. Your expectations are head gaskets are to last forever??? It is a thin piece of material between two very hot pieces of metal. Also you are very quick to assume it is the car. I am a 1984 and 1988 Supra owner. The 1988 was bought new and has almost 200,000 miles. Yes I've replaced gaskets, belts, etc... It is called maintenace people. Gaskets will wear out just like tires and brakes.

28th Jun 2008, 13:29

I love the Supra and have had three of them. The issue is the BHG happens regardless of the miles. Its just the luck of the draw. I purchased single owner 1987 Supra last year that has 50K original miles on it. The car is perfect throughout and was barely driven. It has a BHG but still driveable, just buying time until it can get in the shop for overhaul. My other cars have made it much longer, 80K and 100K miles, before new BHG. 50K is just not acceptable.

100K miles on a car is not that much either. When the MKIII was first introduced Japanese cars had reputation for exceeding this benchmark by twice that before catastrophic failure.

Think about it, commuting to work, weekend trips, and running errands all add up. It does not require that much time to put 75-125K miles on car. That's only around 50 miles average miles driven per day. Toyota left the Supra owners, possibly the most dedicated Toyota patrons, out in the cold with this one.

10th Oct 2008, 18:57

I am thinking about buying an '89 Supra that is in need of a new head gasket. It is going for $500.

I love doing my own work on cars (previously only my friends because this will be my first car) but don't know what the price of this fix could be.

Advice anyone? Should I buy the car? Should I keep looking? I'm not made of money but have a steady income for a high schooler.

9th Mar 2009, 18:31

I got a 87 non-turbo supra with a BHG. Not quite sure how many miles are on the engine, but my guess is about 100,000. I have it all torn apart and I was wondering where I could find head bolts for it. I was looking online, finding mostly head studs or a web site with a million different selections I could choose from, not knowing which to choose. Any information would be useful, thanks Devon -akron,OH.

24th Apr 2009, 14:07

My wife has a 1989 Toyota, 7M GTE Supra with 144000 klms. We purchased the vehicle in 1989, it boiled over the first time at 80,000 klms, it cost me a fortune to fix it and it still boils over on short or long runs. The car is immaculate but worthless. No more Toyotas.

7th Aug 2014, 03:41

I bought a 1988 Toyota Supra off the showroom floor.

At 30,000 miles, first head gasket.

At 60,000 miles, another head gasket.

At 90,000 miles, another head gasket.

The person who said that these cars should not have had a recall, doesn't know what they're talking about. I babied that car from the day I bought it - what a waste of time.