2018 Toyota Tank 1.0L from Japan


OK, but...

General Comments:

Rented this vehicle on a visit to Iwate Prefecture, Northern Japan. So please see this as a first impression.

Takes five in comfort, but nothing like enough luggage space. Centre rear passenger tends to sit on a seatbelt buckle. Head room OK. Really good fuel economy, around 17.0 km/l, five up, plus luggage in hilly area. Just as well as petrol is expensive "up north".

Front east-west engine, front-wheel drive.

Tyres at 165x55x14 seem small, especially as it's easy to grate the lower edge of the passenger door on the curb. Muppet hub caps. Fuel filler on near side (RHD) that is blocked by the nearside rear sliding door. Rear doors have electric windows. Gear change marked, "P, R, N, D, B". B presumably being bottom. Nylon cord attaches fuel filler cap to body. Handles bumps poorly making expensive graunching noises at the front. No tachometer or temperature gauge. No cigarette lighter/ashtray, which is a step in the right direction. However, there is a electrical power outlet, so you could easily get a lighter from a donor. Engine switches off when stopped in traffic. Stop/start on button. Floor operated foot brake, so no chance of doing a handbrake turn. Need to really slam the rear door to get the "door open" light to go off. Front screen liable to fogging and you can't reach to wipe while driving. Good turning circle. Small battery (small pillars) for a cold region; I drove in Iwate Prefecture which has three months snow. SatNavi's a real pain in the donkey to program, even for those accustomed to this navigation aid.

Would suit a housewife/woman with kids as the electric sliding doors would help her put the kids in the back seat without bashing their heads on the body. And high backs to the back seats would prevent the kids playing with the groceries. Tray tables on back seats are practical. Nice cup holders in the front.

Around two million yen here in Japan, so with such a small engine you might just as well get a cheaper-to-tax, Shaken and purchase K-car.

Jack, the Japan Alps Brit´╗┐.

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Review Date: 30th June, 2018