1986 Toyota Tercel 4WD 1.5 from Norway


A very reliable car!!!


The back, right ball bearing wore out.

General Comments:

Many owners of the Toyota Tercel, think this is an underpowered car, but the one I have is actually very quick. Compared to my previous car - a Volvo 760 - it is very quick, as the Volvo had a 2.8 L V6 engine.

The 4WD is very useful in the hard winters, but I have some problems getting the car back to 2WD, as it has a differential lock.

When I'm driving the cabin is big enough, and I'm about 2 metres long. A problem is when I am about to enter or exit the car, there is not enough leg room to get out in an easy way.

Loading capacity is surprisingly large. I fitted a nearly 1.5 metre EL piano back there. There was still room for a passenger in one of the back seats.

Economically it uses about 0.7 litres of fuel in the cities. The repair costs are fairly cheap, as they are rare.

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Review Date: 10th August, 2001

7th Feb 2004, 00:18

I've noticed reading many Tercel reviews including yours, that owners have difficulty changing from 4WD to 2WD. I once was pulling onto a made road from a muddy unmade road and I stopped to change back into 2WD and I had the usual troubles selecting 2WD. Then somebody pulled up beside me and said " having trouble getting back into 2WD ". They said, " just reverse back a couple of feet and it will go in no problem ". I tried it and it worked and has always gone into 2WD without fail, if I reverse back first.

1986 Toyota Tercel 4x4 Estate 1.5 petrol from UK and Ireland


A superb smelly old wagon


Nothing has gone wrong despite being an old wreck. Syncros are a bit worn in the box but apart from that it's great.

General Comments:

This is a fantastic little car. I use it for everything from long distance to fetching logs from the field. It's light enough to go anywhere off road and great in the snow.

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Review Date: 4th April, 2001

29th May 2001, 01:58

I've had these cars in my family for the past 15 years, since my father bought a 1984 SR5 wagon brand new. Just last week I picked up my second 1988 Deluxe wagon for 2000$ in near perfect condition.

I dubbed my 2 wagons Judy and Jane - sisters :)

I'll never doubt what these cars can/cannot do.