27th May 2008, 19:03

'95-'99 Tercels actually have multi-port fuel injection - and air bags were standard on that final generation of Tercel. Incidentally, if fuel consumption was high on this car, even taking into account it's an automatic, something must've been seriously wrong with it.

2nd Jun 2008, 15:39

I bought a 96 tercel about 3 months ago. With gas prices on the rise and travel over 60 miles day it seemed to be a good deal (I still have my 04 Tundra Double Cab). I get on average 32-33 mpg. Had to put on a new starter (ebay $65.00) and new tires. Pretty good trade off I think. Car is great!! For every dollar in gas that I put into the Tercel saves me more than 2 times what would have been in my truck. Love both my Yoter's!!! I don't know what the original person bought, but my Tercel is great!!

2nd Jun 2008, 20:52

Actually, all cars '96 and later, and some before (but not Toyota because they were always behind the technology curve) have sequential-port (not multi-port) fuel injection.

It is a requirement to be in conformance with OBDII.

27th Jun 2009, 13:58

Actually the 95+ had direct injection on the 5EFE.

25th Dec 2016, 05:15

95 through 97 Toyota Tercels never had carburetors. The last year for carburetors on Tercels was in 94 and those were exempt only to California. I don't know where you got your Tercel, or what someone did to it, but my 96 has over 413,000 miles on it and has only just now blown the clutch, but even then it still never left me stranded. Mine is all original and I mean all original meaning alternator, cylinder head, cams, piston rings, you name it, and it's original including a timing belt that has over 360,000 miles on it. Mine is a tank, it has been banged around and scraped off road and still is in functional condition. You must have got a pretty bad one from someone who beat it up pretty bad, because as you can see from my 17 years and 413,000+ miles of owning mine, they are great cars. I would take another chance on one seeing as how they are only around $1500-$2000 for an above fair condition one. These cars will last forever, and the parts are inexpensive and they are easy to work on.