29th Jan 2008, 12:00

I have a 1994 Tercel with 132000 miles on it. I drive 'her' 84 miles round trip each day and have minimal difficulties. This morning, however she apparently tore a hole in the manifold, and is now quite loud - but it is 13 years old. I've begun to notice that she eats up oil, and my interior light hasn't worked in years, despite changing the bulbs. The seats are tearing, but with 132000 miles of person sitting in them, it's bound to happen. I have had a great time with this car, going from coast to coast and back and forth to college, and now that I'm getting older, I would like to replace it with something larger and more sturdy, but how can you get rid of a car that's been so good to you? I just hope the tear in the manifold isn't serious because the gas mileage is worth any small discomfort or inconvenience.

17th Feb 2008, 12:48

I have a 1994 tercel with 600000 km's on it and its still going strong!

20th Feb 2008, 14:48

1994 Tercel, 155,000 miles. Original owner. Five speed with original clutch. Change oil (synthetic) every 3-4000 miles. Maybe burns one quart between changes. Do plugs every 30,000 miles. Brake pads as needed. Timing belt and water pump every 60,000 miles. Runs like a clock. Drive it daily at speed in excess of 80 MPH. Increased tire size by one for handling.

6th Jul 2008, 17:58

I don't know about the last condition!

11th Jul 2008, 01:28

I noticed lots of comments about the dome light not working. My 94 Tercel had the same problem! Looking at it closely, there is a thin metal conductor that runs over the plastic, then goes through a rivet to the other side where the bulb eventually fits in. The failure happens at the rivet. Just replace the rivet with a short screw and your dome light is good as new!

5th Jul 2009, 17:06

Wondering why the car burns less with synthetic oil, does anyone know?

16th Jan 2010, 19:41

I just purchased a '94 Tercel from my neighbor for $100. He has warned me about the oil consumption but not the synthetic trick, so thank you. Also, the dome light does not work either, and it's great to hear that it's not unique to my vehicle. Thanks.

5th Nov 2016, 00:35

I had to change the water pump and radiator in my 94 Toyota Tercel. After that was all done, I tried to drive it and lost power when I put it in 1st and 2nd gear; got it into 3rd gear and it was rolling then. Anyone have this problem?