1979 Toyota Truck from North America


Great vehicle


Numerous odds and ends have been fixed since new.

New carburetor (tough to start in the cold).

My brother drove it without oil while ignoring the low oil light and gauge, and destroyed the engine.

Worn vinyl seats, which I re-upholstered later.

Starter replaced.

CD player installed.

Power steering installed.


General Comments:

Great dependable vehicle.

Small cab space is great for warming up quick in the winter time. It gets warm really quickly. I often roll down the window with the heat on full blast.

Amazing off road vehicle. It can handle mud, puddles, and deep water.

Without power steering, it handles really good on curvy roads, but can be a pain in small parking lots. But the power steering makes parking lots easier, but at the same time made road driving less fun.

It has gotten to the point where it's difficult and takes forever to start in the cold. Or if you've let it sit for extended periods of time.

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Review Date: 4th December, 2009

1979 Toyota Truck shortbed 4 cylinder 20R from North America


A good reliable workhorse


Fuel pump, water pump, carburetor.

The first two items went out simply from mileage -- no complaint there. But the carburetor is poorly designed. There's a gadget whose name I forget that is supposed to help the engine run smoothly when it's cold. But I've replaced it twice, and it's out again. So now I just plug in an engine block heater on cold mornings, and it runs just fine and was a heck of a lot cheaper.

The body is pretty rust prone, despite my conscientious efforts to wash off mud and road salt in the wheel wells and undercarriage frequently.

General Comments:

I've never had a vehicle that was more reliable (I've had this one for 23 years now), despite the pesky carburetor problem.

My other complaint is with the cheapness of the interior -- the vinyl dash cracked way sooner than it should, and the heater controls wore out and are too hard to fix.

Mechanically this truck has proven itself -- still peppy, burns no oil, rarely lets me down, and all this after 175,000 miles and 23 years. I've treated it well all these years, driven it gently and maintained everything rigorously, and it has returned the favor.

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Review Date: 6th November, 2003

17th Dec 2005, 21:40

1979 4x4 Toyota long bed. What s great vehicle!

I am the original owner. It has less than 100k. White with almost no rust. I love this truck. Like the first guy said, I too have kept mine clean and washed, always maintained.

Nothing unusual has broken yet. Finally replaced rear brake shoes a couple of years ago. Gets new tires every ten years if it needs them or not. I installed oversize tires/mag wheels. In 1980, replaced stock gauge cluster that didn't have Tac with another Toyota Gauge cluster, from another Toyota. This truck is very cheap to keep and maintain.

Let me say, if anyone is looking for a great 4X4 truck, find a 1979/80 20r or 22r and get it! Mine is not for sale and never will be.