1988 Toyota Truck SR5 2.4L 4 cylinder 22r from North America


Best truck ever


It was sitting outside for years, so the roof rusted around the windshield; fixed it professionally.

Replaced radiator with thermostat.

Master clutch cylinder was replaced also.

A little slow, but feels nice driving one.

General Comments:

Besides rust on the roof, it was very clean car, almost show car condition. Ran like top. I loved everything on this car from the manual steering to the carbureted engine. It had 70k original miles when I bought it, awesome car. I got 25-28 MPG.

Me being a dumb ass, well I sold the car :-( Now I am looking for one to keep forever.

Miss my truck daily, and hitting myself in the chest for selling it.

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Review Date: 25th June, 2013

1988 Toyota Truck 22 R-E from North America


A solid old truck with good power!


Bed replaced.

Recently replaced wiper motor.

New brake lines.

Newer KYB shocks.

Oxygen sensor replaced.

General Comments:

This truck's long wheelbase and 2 wheel drive give it a firm, but comfortable ride. The truck chassis and the tough springs/shocks are a plus when driving through construction sites and down unpaved roads.

Handling is good for a compact pickup, with decent grip from the radial tires and moderate body roll. It is not a sports car, and it will let you know through body roll when you are approaching the cornering limit.

The 22R-E doesn't put out more than 110 horsepower, but it has plenty of low end torque. Paired with a low-geared 3 speed automatic, the engine feels very powerful from 0-40 mph, but somewhat lethargic at highway speeds. It is a good highway cruiser at 65 mph, but any higher and it feels unsettled and underpowered.

The interior of the truck has a solid feel to it, and a cloth bench seat is supremely comfortable.

Overall, this truck is a great everyday driver, and surprisingly fun for those backroad runs on the weekend. It is utilitarian above anything else, so there is also impressive carrying capability with the flatbed.

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Review Date: 10th November, 2009

1988 Toyota Truck SR5 22re from North America


Best value ever!!!


Alternator replaced at over 100,000 miles.

Exhaust rusted through after 200,000 miles.

Water in oil after 234,000 miles, probably head gasket.

General Comments:

Best value ever. I've been driving it for 20 years and the engine finally gave out. I've always treated it somewhat roughly, but you turn the key and it goes. Have replaced parts here and there, but the repairs were inexpensive and probably more my fault than the truck's.

I'm saddened to have to buy another truck knowing I'll never have another one like this. Even after 20 years I'm thinking of installing a rebuilt engine and keeping it. It's roomy comfortable and dependable.

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2008

1988 Toyota Truck from North America


The only vehicle you really need


AC quit at 50K, recharged and quit again; mystery freon leak, not worth investigating.

Starter went at 60K.

Factory sunroof leaks.

Body is half rust, half bondo.

General Comments:

In a 2-driver home, we somehow have a Volvo XC70, a Sienna minivan, and a 96 Accord; somethings gotta go, but the truck STAYS!

'QQ' license plates and a full-on restoration in 2016 when my youngest gets out of college.

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Review Date: 9th February, 2008

1988 Toyota Truck Base 20R from North America


A fantastic truck

General Comments:

Previous reviewers mention problems with the clutch hydraulics. My experience with two Toyota trucks and many clutch cylinders has been that after-market parts are very poor quality. For clutches and brakes, try the Toyota brand cylinders.

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Review Date: 17th July, 2006

1988 Toyota Truck 22R I-4 from North America


These things run forever


Nothing on this vehicle went bad before the average lifetime of component parts.

The only major thing that went wrong was not due to the vehicle, but the coolant.

The area I lived in had a high mineral content in the water. Mixed with the coolant this clogged the tubes on the radiator causing it to overheat. The head warped letting the pressure from the combustion chamber into the cooling system blowing the top tank off of the radiator and siezing up the motor. Fortunately no major damage was done like a spun bearing.

I had to get the head milled $15.00 and got a valve job while the head was off $35.00, the radiator rodded $10.00 and the tank welded back on $20.00. I also bought an upper gasket set $140.00.

I did the work myself saving a bunch of money. Ever since then have never had a problem.

Clutch 78,000 miles, front brakes 100,000 miles (I down shifted a lot)

Still has original rear brakes (plenty of pad left)

Clutch slave cylinder 120,000 miles.

General Comments:

Other that what was mentioned above this vehicle performed flawless except for some rust on the bed.

I found out the beds are installed here in the states because it is cheaper to ship them this way and are made of a different metal.

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Review Date: 4th September, 2005