1993 Toyota Truck Ext. cab, base 4 cylinder from North America


Overall a great small truck for anyone


Leaks anti-freeze.

Slight valve cover gasket leak.

Slight front engine seal leak.

General Comments:

Inherited it from my Grandma in 2010.

In the 9,000 kms I've driven it since then, I've done mostly city driving (50 - 80km per hour), and a few trips out to the lake.

Bare-bones basic model: Power steering, power brakes, A/T, no A/C, no cruise control, manual window cranks and door locks. (It'd sometimes be nice to have C.C. for highway driving and A/C in the summer, although it does have side and back vent windows, which are nice).

Gas at $1.00/L, costs me about $55 to fill. Can go between 300kms - 400kms on a full tank.

The cloth bench seat is actually pretty comfortable for most drives (start to get a slight ache after an hour and a half on the highway though).

Dash instrument layout and controls are great, everything is within reach. What's nice is that the in-dash pull out cup holder doesn't block any radio or climate controls.

Heats up fast most of the time in the winter, and defrosts the windows nicely.

The Extended-cab is very handy, mostly use it as a 'trunk' or storage space. It does have flip down seats, but they're not really for adults.

It even has side-panel storage and under-seat storage back there.

The bed has box-liner in it, I'm not sure if it was in there originally, or if my Grandma had it put in.

The body has a few rust spots, but not bad.

Lower-to-the-ground than most other trucks, this little/medium size truck handles better than I thought it would. Good turning circle/radius. Maneuvers well. Acceleration is sprightly for a 4 cyl. truck. Good stopping power (front drums, and has rear anti-lock brakes. I'm not sure offhand if the rear is discs or drums).

The ONLY maintenance I've had done on it so far in almost 10,000 kms is 2 oil changes (at the neighbourhood oil and lube place), and numerous anti-freeze top-ups (by me).

(I only know about the slight valve cover gasket leak, and the slight front engine seal leak because the oil change place told me about them - I got the deluxe oil change with 24-point inspection both times).

This leaking antifreeze problem has me a little worried, considering how many other posts I see on here about blown head gaskets...

But alas, it has been very reliable. It's never failed to start. (there were a few times it was very 'grumpy' while from starting sitting out in -20*C for 8 hours, but it started nonetheless). All lights, gauges, wipers, and switches work.

Besides the anti-freeze, it leaks no other fluids. (My parents 99 Honda Civic has 160,000kms on it, leaks oil and possibly burns it too.)

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Review Date: 7th April, 2011

8th Apr 2011, 15:37

Yes, a great little truck... but...

Here in Canada, we use road salt, and the frame area behind the gas tank on these trucks rusts out very quickly. This is the area just ahead of the rear wheels on the frame rails.

If are you buying one of these trucks or own one... check the frame on both sides in this location for rust out.

We don't see many older Toyota trucks (over 10 years) on the roads here in Canada, because 99% of them have rusted out frames and cannot be driven.

Oil spray your frame in these areas if you have a good frame, and save your truck!

1993 Toyota Truck 4x4 pickup 3.0 V6 from North America


Ain't as great as people say they are


The fan came loose and ripped my radiator apart. Now it is at home not running, cause it ain't getting enough fuel. It's just a big hassle; once one thing messes up, it all starts to.

General Comments:

It's a great vehicle in the mud. Rode alright, ain't really got much pep.

Good smooth ride. When I'm on the interstate in fifth gear, it runs a little high on the rpms.

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Review Date: 22nd May, 2009

1993 Toyota Truck Pick Up 2.4 Inline 4 22RE from North America


Fun and Functional!


Nothing has gone wrong with it, 110% reliable!

General Comments:

I love my truck. Although a bit uncomfortable (that's why I'm putting buckets in it) it proves to be a fast and fun truck. I have put a high-flow intake on it and a high-flow exhaust, the 22RE reacts well to better flow. Its nice to have speed of a zippy 4 banger and the ability of a truck!

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Review Date: 25th July, 2002