2006 Toyota Verso Luna 1.8 petrol VVTI MMT from UK and Ireland


Avoid it at all costs


The clutch actuator has failed twice, and recently the oil pressure has fallen.

General Comments:

This was the worst car I ever drove because of the faulty semi automatic gearbox. The faulty gearbox, coupled with the poor dealer service, confirms that I will never buy another Toyota again.

It is very disturbing to see how many other people have complained about the semi automatic gearbox of this car. Toyota seemed to ignore the fact that they have made an inferior, unsafe car.

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Review Date: 19th March, 2018

2004 Toyota Verso 1.8 petrol from UK and Ireland


Would I buy another Toyota? Possibly. But not a 1.8 VVT. And not a Verso


We bought this car as we needed a 7 seater, and everyone says Toyota are reliable as they have a cam chain instead of a belt.

The car drives as you would expect from this type of car, but I was quite shocked at how noisy it was on the motorway after driving my Peugeot 406.

But it definitely was not very reliable. We'd had it a couple of days when the radio stopped working. Then a few weeks later it started squealing when we put on the air con, which wasn't very cold.

Then after 1 month the engine oil light came on. So I filled it up with 5 liters of oil. Then 4 weeks later the light came on again and I had to put in another 4 liters. The engine did not smoke or leak.

Since I have found out there is a problem with the 1.8 VVT engine used in this car, and Toyota recalled thousands over the fault.

We also noticed the car would stall if it was low on fuel. Even before the fuel light comes on.

We also had temperamental problems with the silly, over complicated, push start, push stop system sometimes not starting.

The car also gained a rattle like an exhaust rattle at higher revs. Don't know what it was.

Then just before we sold it only 2 months later, we had a problem with the car being lumpy at low revs.

So not very impressed.

General Comments:

Comfort OK, 6 out of 10, not as good as my Peugeot. But better than most Vauxhalls I have driven.

Handling was not bad for this type of car.

Running costs were expensive, with tax of £220 a year.

Fuel consumption quite high - less than 30 MPG.

Engine performance - revved freely, pulled OK, but noisy.

Gearbox worked OK.

Brakes were actually very good.

Practicality - very practical due to having 7 fully adjustable seats. But a very small boot, and not big enough for a suitcase when all 7 seats are in use. And not enough leg room in the rear seat even for my 5 year old.

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Review Date: 13th July, 2015

2009 Toyota Verso 1.8 valvematic from Bosnia and Herzegovina


Good family all rounder


Gearshift knob replaced under warranty at 5000km. Started to be razor sharp when the shiny plating ring broke.

Both short beam light bulbs in one week - replaced under warranty at 15000km.

Water in the trunk - rear stop light seal replaced under warranty at 17000km.

Wear of gray plastic parts on the doors and handbrake - looks bad.

Cabin light automatic switch - replaced under warranty at 20000km.

Radio CD system went crazy - replaced under warranty at 30000km.

Water in the trunk - paid 100€ for a change of seal at 50000km.

General Comments:

Great car.

Nothing major went wrong with it, and I am sure it will not in the next 4-5 years; for sure I will do an update of the article if something happens.

On the driving side, it's a little bit heavy, it is big heavy car 1800kg, but drives nice with the 1.8 - 147hp petrol engine. If you like to drive faster, you really need to high rev the engine. In those moments it seems like the car enjoys it as much as you :)

Fuel consumption is city up to 9L/100km depending on your driving style. I do 8L, my wife 9L/100km. 6L/100km on open roads at speeds up to 100km/hr, motorway up to 130km/hr 8L. If you drive faster it will go to 12-18L/100km, depending how fast you like to drive ;)

I would buy the same car again, but now I am little bit more into Touring cars like the 3 Series Touring or Auris Touring Sports.

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Review Date: 25th February, 2014