1996 Toyota Vienta Touring Series 3.0 24 valve quad cam V6 from Australia and New Zealand


Good reliable family car!!!


Well nothing really. The car has its issues like, the transmission seems to make a random thud, usually when cruising a long, say 60 km/h, and you go to accelerate. Has been narrowed down to engine mounts.

Have noticed a lot of body flex when going into spoon drains etc.

Another major problem at the moment is the oil leaks; appears to be coming from the oil pump behind the timing cover.

Other than these problems, the car is super reliable and has never broken down!!

General Comments:

The reason I purchased this car was for a reliable highway car, as I travel 1,500 km's from Pt Lincoln to Adelaide regularly, and it has never missed a beat.

What appealed to me was it came with cruise control, which works a treat on the highway.

It has plenty of grunt for overtaking, and seems to be very fuel efficient on the highway, returning 650km's to a 70 litre tank.

Has a comfortable seating position, and is a very easy car to drive.

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Review Date: 15th April, 2010

1994 Toyota Vienta 3.0 from Australia and New Zealand


Cheap option into a ES300, very cheap quality too


Oil leaking, replaced engine mounts, replaced transmission, major engine work, replaced roof lining, but then of course I got the car for a song, and it has not turned sour, YET!!!

General Comments:

Looks are deceiving.

Ride is very bumpy.

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Review Date: 28th September, 2008

1993 Toyota Vienta Ultima 3.0 V6 from Australia and New Zealand


One of the best cars from the 1990's


Battery suddenly died shortly after purchase (this has happened to me virtually every time I have bought a car).

Nothing else has gone wrong... so far (touch wood).

General Comments:

This is the Ultima model, and has all the fruit you would expect from a budget family car of it's era.

Although it's a V6, this car is not really sporty. If you want a racing style vehicle you want to get something with rear-wheel drive for starter's, and turbo (or a V8). However it is an interesting beast when you are overtaking something at speed.

Good for cruising, this car just eats up the miles. Pretty decent economy for a 3L engine, I have had the air-con on with all summer driving, also I drive up hills at speed and get caught in some bad traffic and I consistently a genuine 13.5L/100Km's or better, which is pretty good for a 1994 car.

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Review Date: 1st March, 2008

1996 Toyota Vienta CSI 3.0 MULTI POINT F/INJ from Australia and New Zealand


Reliable, extremely well built and cheap to run..


* Cassette deck broke after 3 years

* Roof headlining started to sag ($24 to fix)

* Material in door trim started to shrink & come loose (easy to replace)

* Transmission not as smooth as it once was (expected with 160,000kms)

General Comments:

We purchased this car in May 1996. Since then the 3.0L engine has never missed a single beat, and we have never had a major fault with the car.

The 3.0 multi point fuel injected engine runs perfectly with 139kw running through the front wheels.

This car is perfectly suited to the Australian road conditions, absorbing each & every pot hole with pride.

Although the suspension is quite soft, the car can easily tow a trailer full of holiday luggage without a problem.

After 160k the auto transmission is starting to clunk between 1st & 2nd gear changes, but this is expected with the age of the car.

The car is extremely economical in the city, recording between 10-13l/100km and even less in the country.

In the city, the 3.0L engine easily purrs and pulls along, but when it is provoked, the engine becomes a beast heading towards the red line.

Although the interior is starting to age, mechanically the car will never die & will just keep on going without a fault.

Compared to Falcons & Commodores of the same age, the car hasn't suffered the major faults the Falcons & Commodores have suffered.

Although the car won't fly past Falcons & Commodores, it easily has enough power to overtake on country roads, even with a trailer on the back.

We are extremely happy with this car & will continue to buy Toyota's in the future, & expect many more years of driving pleasure with the Vienta.

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Review Date: 9th April, 2007

3rd Jun 2010, 03:57

To the OP

You say "Major faults the Commodores and Falcons have of the same age"

I don't know about the Falcon, but what major faults do the Commodores usually have? None. Other than wear and tear, a typical Commodore will last decades without major problems.