2006 Toyota VIOS G 1.5 from Malaysia




Recently there was a callback for faulty immobiliser.

Everything is fine, but I feel the fuel consumption is on the higher side for car of this size. I am only getting around 10km/lit. I used to get 15 to 17km/lit on my previous Civic.

General Comments:

Reasonably good performance and a bit nippy.

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Review Date: 7th November, 2006

2006 Toyota VIOS 1.5G 1.5 from Vietnam


It is worth buying it!


Nothing, except that there are so many taxi company use Limo Vios and they have the same form with my Vios 1.5G. However I think that because this car is so good, durable and save on fuel so they use it for taxi which need these qualities

The second thing is that Toyota Vietnam has taken out so many accessories of it such as: ABS break, air bag, alloy wheels... so the Vios of Vietnam is not as good as another countries'. Please remember that the price of Vietnam car is still the most expensive in the world. I have paid USA Dollar 25,000 for my Vios and my friends had to pay USD 27,800 for it! How much money have you paid for your Vios in your country?

General Comments:

So far so good.

I find it very power, comfortable, durable, convenience and save on fuel.

As you know, the road and street of Vietnam is small and confused so it's very convenience to use this compact car. I even can park it inside my house so I have decided to buy it although I can afford to buy another bigger car, but if I bought a bigger one I would have to park outside and whenever I want to take it I would have to walk very far.

This car is also very power. Although it is only 1.5 but I can overcome all cars on road. And it is suitable for Vietnam road because you never can run very fast both inside and outside the city (dangerous and police will stop you).

This car is also very durable, it has never been broken down since I bought it. And the spare-parts for it is everywhere, it is very easy to repair it. This quality of Toyota is better than all another manufacturers.

And I like this car most because it can save on fuel. In general, it uses 6,5L for 100 km, I think only a litter bit more than a big motorbike. So it is very economical in these days when the price of gas is higher and higher.


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Review Date: 26th October, 2006

2006 Toyota VIOS Altis 1.8L from Malaysia


I give a thumbs up!!


1. Noise filtering is poor

2. Gear change when ramping up at slope is slow

3. Steep cornering feels like throwing out (may be due to the height of car)

General Comments:

This is a very good car. Very stable on highway. Good runner on highway, but not on hill climbing. The interior design is very nice and classy.

It has almost all the gadgets that Camry 2.4.

My top speed over 195km/h on the highway. After couple of race at such speed, I can still feel that the car engine is still good. Toyota is the 2nd largest car maker in the world. I am confident Toyota will become the world largest car maker in the world in years to come. Their model range can meet most level of class, be it lower class like VIOS, still meet the same high standard. This is the reason why Toyota can be such successful.

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Review Date: 23rd September, 2006

8th Mar 2007, 03:18

Over 195 KM/H...are you sure yours is a VIOs???

26th May 2007, 11:43

I think this review is about Toyota Altis, not Vios. Note that the engine capacity is 1.8 L. That's Altis.

17th Jul 2007, 07:04

Had this car for over a year now. Strangely, but occasionally there is an "irritating noise" coming from under the engine bonnet every morning after start-up. Local mechanics were unable to solve the problem. So this nagging issue remains with the car every now and then... sigh. I hope this is the last of the problem. Otherwise I would have to get rid of the car. Other than that, it handles much like an average car of this category, though not all that great either.