1999 Toyota Yaris GS 1 Litre from UK and Ireland


To sum up, I wouldn't hesitate in recommending the Yaris to somebody - an excellent car


Touch wood, nothing major has gone wrong with the car in over 6 years of driving it.

The gear box can be very clunky. When the car is cold, it's necessary to come to a complete stop before the car will go into first gear.

Road noise is quite poor. Over 50 mph, and the radio really has to be turned up to hear it!

Sometimes, the volume control on the radio does not register when it's being turned up. It's necessary to turn the volume down before turning it up again.

Central locking can be temperamental. If the key is only partly turned in the drivers door, then only the drivers door is unlocked. The key needs to be fully turned in order to definitely unlock all doors. Also, on the odd occasion (notably when it's raining) the boot does not unlock with the other doors. It's then necessary to unlock it using the button inside the car.

General Comments:

Minor niggles aside, this is a wonderful car. It's given me over six years and nearly 90,000 miles of trouble free motoring.

Fuel consumption is excellent, with 50mpg easily achievable on most trips. Good news given the current fuel prices.

I've also been very impressed with the Yaris's reliability. Servicing costs have never been above £200, with the intermediate service averaging the £80 mark.

Road handling is excellent and it is very light to drive. The original Yaris TV adverts likened it to a bubble and this is very appropriate.

I also love the dashboard. The depth took a little getting used to. However, the digital speedo is very useful when going passed speed cameras!

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Review Date: 8th October, 2005

1999 Toyota Yaris GS 1.0 from UK and Ireland


Absolutely fantastic!!!


Absolutely nothing.

General Comments:

Although this is my first car I have driven alone I have driven many cars with instructors, family members etc and this is by far the best car I have ever driven. For its 1.0L engine size it packs a punch even though its done 113000 miles and I fully intend my next car to also be a yaris 1.5 T sport.

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Review Date: 20th April, 2004

1999 Toyota Yaris CDX 1.0 VVTi from UK and Ireland


A solidly built fun runabout


Radio aerial snapped (car wash victim)

General Comments:

Just got back from driving a 500 mile round trip to Scotland, and thought it would be a good time to post my comments. This is my wife's car and it's the first time I've driven it any distance and I must say I'm very impressed.

For a one litre car it feels very nippy. Even with 2 adults in the front and 2 heavy suitcases in the boot it never felt underpowered until confronted with a hill.

The cabin feels very roomy, something that can't be said often by a 6-foot driver in a car this size.

We looked at quite a few Yaris's before we bought this one. This is a 1999 Japanese-made model and the build quality is excellent. Some of the European ones we looked at (all of them newer than this one) were horrible. The paintwork was awful. Look out for worn-down paint on door edges and wheel arches. It was so bad on some that you could see the primer underneath. None of the Japanese-made ones we looked at were affected.

The gearbox, once you get moving, is very fluid, although I have a real problem getting the car into reverse. Sometimes it feels like it just doesn't want to go.

Handling is superb. Throwing it around the country roads in Scotland was akin to driving a go-kart. It felt solid and planted to the road all of the time.

Apart from the problem of getting the car into reverse gear (I plan to change the oil soon to see if this helps) I only have one other reservation, and that's the cost of genuine Toyota parts.

£23 for a radio aerial? £40 for a mirror glass (with backing plate)?? Come on Toyota, I expect this on the Alfa Romeo, but not on a Yaris...

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Review Date: 8th November, 2002

11th Nov 2002, 03:40

There is a reference to the Reverse Gear problem in the User Manual. It is not a fault. When having a problem take your foot off the clutch for about two seconds, engage clutch again and it should be OK now.