28th Sep 2001, 14:32

I own a Yaris S in Carribean Blue with a similar problem. I was told it is something to do with the new type of water-based paint involved and also am considering complaining to Toyota. The paint work does seem pretty thin, and at only 6 months old the car has a number of chips, even on the door.

12th Jan 2002, 11:33

I bought a brand new Toyata Yaris 1.3 SR in September 2001. Within 4 weeks there was extensive 'pilling' of the fabric of the rear seat. Four weeks later the front passenger seat suffered a similar fate but to a lesser degree. The driver's seat is unscathed. After waiting 3 months for new seats, they did not fit, so the old ones have been replaced.

Also, there is a noise on the clutch - I am told it is due to loose rivets on the diaphragm of the clutch. The dealer will replace it.

I am extremely unhappy both that the faults have occurred and with the length of time taken to rectify them.

Previous car Peugeot 206.

20th Sep 2002, 15:12

I have a similar problem with the paint work. I treat the car carefully and use it only twice a week on average, but after 9 months there are already 6 chips, mainly on the doors. In some cases the bare metal is visible.

What is worse, there are hair cracks on the left front wing, and there is rust forming underneath. (The wing seems slightly deformed, but there are no signs of a collision, such as scratches.)

I complained to the dealer, but without success. The dealer says all damages are due to 'external' causes so they are not covered by warranty. I am considering complaining to Toyota directly now.

23rd Sep 2002, 11:05

Yaris GLS, 6 months old and 5,000 miles and the chips on the bonnet and front bumper number in the dozens! Is this problem unique to the ones built in Japan?

17th Apr 2003, 05:25

Just to let you know that we have found a fault on our Yaris. This is our second one, the last one we kept for three years and apart from the recalls, (clock, central locking and the carpet not stuck down),the car drove like a dream, a real fun car to drive, hence Yaris number two. We have on this model, found that we are constantly stalling when we engage first gear, a blank spot on the accelerator, as it used to be known. We have just had the 10,000 miles service, so we mentioned the problem to our dealer to check. We were told that a spot is showing on the computer and it is not an isolated case. We were asked if we knew the country of origin, France was our reply, i got the impression they already knew that, so be aware, ours is not alone with this problem. The Yaris we owned previously was made in China and performed a lot better than this model.

30th Apr 2003, 09:27

We have a 1999 Yaris CDX, which after a year old was referred back to Toyota to have the paintwork checked for defects. It simply chips and scratches far too easily and now, could do with a respray in many places. Toyota's excuse was that the new water based paints were not as strong and a sure sign of poorly maintained roads. What I find frustrating is not seeing other cars in the same state. Toyota may have strengthened the paintwork since transferring production to France, but what I'd like to know is if the same problem arises across the Toyota range or if anybody has managed to get an answer from Toyota with a successful response?

4th Oct 2003, 06:03

I found this site and was amazed to discover that other owners have similar paintwork problems.

Our Yaris 1.3 CDX in Caribean Blue, is just over a year old and has holes through the paint on the bonnet. When the car was a few months old a shopping trolley made a deep gouge on the rear bumper. At the time we thought it was the 'newness' of the paint, but seeing the other paintwork problems now, we can see it wasn't just that.

The driver's door rattles and the dealer either ignored the request to correct it, or felt unable to do so. There is a constance whistle from the passenger side at speeds around 50mph.

This is our fifth Toyota and will most likely be the last if the paintwork isn't sorted out!

28th Jun 2004, 09:59

We purchased a second hand Toyota Yaris 1.3SR (y reg) on 18th May 2004.The mileage was 21k when we bought it and it now has numerous new scratches, chips and unexplainable marks all over the metallic black (eclipse) paintwork. Every time we clean and wax the car new marks appear. It seems as if the slightest pressure from any external force compromises the paints integrity. I realize Toyota, along with many other motor manufacturers now use water based paints, but this should not explain its friable characteristics. I also realize that paintwork is not covered by the guarantee, with Toyota arguing that the paint is subject to "constant unexplainable external forces". I have owned many different cars and this is the first time I have noticed such a poor paint quality. We are in the process of complaining to Toyota GB.


10th Jul 2004, 16:03

I have a 7 month Yaris Verso in Eclipse Black and have noticed the increase in chips appearing on the the bonnet and front bumper. I also have a problem of hazing for some reason on one side of the car, not to sure if to try T Cut Black to see if I can improve or if it will void my warranty. Also excessive discoloration to my front discs, which my local dealer are replacing under warranty, one last thing step tyres fitted and have very little tread left after 10k covered and I am by no means a boy racer. Would be interesting if any Yaris Verso owners have had similar problems.

30th Aug 2004, 03:10

I have just bought a Yaris 1.4 Diesel T2. After only 6 weeks the paint (red) is scratched on the edge of the driver's door. I have been very careful when opening/closing the door and have been careful not to knock it on anything so I am horrified by how easily the paint scratches. There is also a chip on the driver's door already.

17th Nov 2004, 01:12


I've owned my Toyota Yaris S now from 1999 V reg. It's covered 143000 miles, the only problem I've had was an engine sensor failure which was replaced the same day.

I have a few chips has my driving cover motorway miles, but I'm over the moon with the thing!

24th Aug 2010, 09:04

My 1.0 is 10 years old and suffers zero body rust, and I've seen underneath is great for its age too! Still has the original gearbox, exhaust, etc!

78,000 miles it stands at.