1987 Trabant 601 P601S De luxe 0.6 595cc 2 cylinder-2stroke from North America


The Trabant is actually a very effective and admirable design of efficiency


Nothing has gone wrong with any of my Trabis, which I import into Canada. www.trabant.ca

General Comments:

One person can could lift the motor out of the car themselves, or that one could disassemble a Trabant down to the last screw, and then put it back together in there own garage, and not surprisingly it would work.

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Review Date: 8th June, 2004

9th Jun 2004, 11:14

Could you take one apart and import it into the US in pieces?

9th Nov 2014, 03:02

You probably could.

A better question would be, why would you do this?

7th May 2015, 16:06

Naturally someone who imports and sells these little crapboxes is going to say they are great. Doesn't including a link make this "review" an advert?

1987 Trabant 601 Delux 601S from North America


I think it's a great and fun car to drive


On one of my Trabants, the rear axle broke off while I was driving.

I drove for 10 more km like that with no problems. It was an old 1972 Traby. Still runs great.

General Comments:

This car brings a smile to faces around the world, and I will always have a least two of them.

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Review Date: 8th July, 2003

9th Jan 2005, 12:16

I have a trabant here in Germany, and I love driving it so much. There is never a dull moment, and I've met lots of people as a result of having it. How in the heck are you guys driving them in America? I want to bring mine back, but it looks impossible until it is older than 67.

3rd May 2011, 13:35

The problem is, Trabants are smelly, underpowered, cramped, unsafe, and have poor handling.