1989 Trabant 601 S 600cc two-stroke from UK and Ireland


Makes you love it, I would kill anyone who ever hurt it...


Running restoration, so varied works required.

Simple, easy welding repairs x2.

Replaced ignition coils, battery and spark plugs.

General Comments:

Makes you wonder why other cars have so much stuff in them; this is like owning a steady reliable wee pony.

Anything can be fixed quickly and cheaply, and it will always put a smile on your face. The steering/handling is Mini-like, but with less power.

Great classic, particularly a great first classic.

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Review Date: 4th January, 2014

13th May 2014, 07:38

What is "classic" about it?

13th May 2014, 15:34

What is classic about it? Read up on the history of the car and how long it existed for, so you know why the reviewer feels that way.

23rd Nov 2018, 01:14

Quite familiar with the history of this car. It was the only car available to those who obtained one, and they felt fortunate to have it only because it was (barely) better than nothing.

It is hard to imagine why anyone would pay any amount for one now, let alone how it could inspire anything close to the feeling expressed in the title of this review!

24th Nov 2018, 07:21

Firstly, owning a car like a Trabant is something you either "get" or you don't. As a former Wartburg and Lada owner, I very much "get" what the original poster felt about his car.

Secondly, the Trabant was far from the only car available in the GDR, but it was easier and cheaper to get hold of than other options. Just take a look at photos from the GDR in the 1980s to see the range of cars available (many imported from all over the communist world) - Skoda 100s and 110s, Wartburg, Lada, Dacia, Moskvich, Polski Fiat 125s and 126s, FSO, Barkas vans, even the odd Oltcit.

27th Nov 2018, 12:45

Trabants don't rust... they rot.

1st Dec 2018, 17:51

Well the floor panels and the sills can definitely rust, as can the fuel tank! Had to do all 3 of those on my friend's restoration job.

1989 Trabant 601 S 0.6 from Germany


A real character car


Exhaust blown - easily welded.

Rear fog light had to be fitted for the British MOT.

"Problem" with the windscreen washer pump handle from the inside - leaking - still to be rectified.

General Comments:

Consider we are really lucky to have one.

Superb condition, think we may get another one and keep this one under wraps.

Really good fun.

Brought it back from Bavaria just a few weeks ago, the man at Customs wanted it!!

Don't knock them until you have actually got one - they are really brilliant.

We are looking for a Tramp if anyone can help.

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2000

29th Jul 2002, 10:26

This may be a totally daft question - but what are the bodies on Trabants made from? I'm sure someone once said they were made of a sort of cardboard laminate?

30th Nov 2002, 06:25

They are amde from Duraolast which is a plastic resisn related to Formica and Bakalite and it is reinforced with cotton fabric.

23rd Mar 2003, 10:20

The Trabant is an amazing car! On a recent trip to Berlin there were still a significant number of them going around, and that's West Berlin as well as East! People may be buying new cars such as Volkswagen, but most of them actually keep their Trabi knowing it'll be a collectors item in years to come!

Long live the Trabant!

2nd Sep 2005, 07:59

Hello, in answer to you question for a Trabbi wagon.. might I suggest shocauto.com.

They sell Trabants.

26th May 2007, 07:52

I love trabants I like them because if something brakes down everybody can fix it.

1989 Trabant 601 S Deluxe 0.6 from UK and Ireland


Rrrring, ding, ding, ding...


Door lock stuck - easily fixed.

Window stuck - easily fixed.

Exhaust blown - easily welded!

General Comments:

Fantastic fun. Real head turner. Cheap and very reliable. Owners club are very useful.

So much fun for so little money should surely be against the law!

Good to see people in cars worth more than my house stop and stare!

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Review Date: 4th September, 2000

19th Oct 2005, 22:54

Compared to the Russian made "Zoporojetz" it is a dream. By the way did you know that "Zoporojetz" motors were used during world war 2 as startup motors for tanks. Of course, the obvious problem was that many tanks didn't start, because the spark plug mechanisms in the "Zopo" motor enjoyed keeping everyone waiting.

24th Oct 2005, 12:10

Crazy Frog Car! Yes that annoying ring-ding-ding ring tone sums up the 2-stroke motor very well. But nevertheless I love the sound that these cars make. I just don't like the fact that seemingly every 10-year old wants to have it for their ringtone! Maybe a real Trabant sound would work better (pardon any puns made there...)

5th Dec 2005, 00:15

The "anti-Zapo" guy, should then explain to us: HOW is it possible that the mighty Russian tanks won such a decisive victory in the Battle of Kursk?! Not a bad effort from tanks, some of which, he claims "would not start"! So much for his fabricated nonsense- probably borne out of frustration because he simply didn`t know how to fix or maintain his own "ketchup red" Zapo when he lived in Russia.

9th Mar 2006, 08:46

Zapo? Oh yes, I know. very good heaters.