1966 Triumph 2000 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


Pensioner's Hot Rod


Starter motor shook itself loose due to traveling at excessive speed.

Wiper motor failed.

Rusty wheel arches needed replacing.

General Comments:

This belonged to a friend of a friend and had been sitting in his garden in Brighton for at least 2 years. It was covered in mildew and the interior stank of rotting flesh.

I paid him £150 for it, put a new battery in, a new set of HT leads, and a bit of air in the tyres and drove it 150 miles back home without incident.

I then added a big single exhaust, some carb upgrades, electronic ignition and had the head skimmed. As a result of this it became very quick for a 1966 Automatic. It was hilarious to drive and sounded great.

Easy to work on, easy to upgrade. Highly recommended, plus the Mark 1 had far superior sheet metal and finish.

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Review Date: 28th August, 2008

1974 Triumph 2000 twin carb 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Gob smackingly lovely, a real Gem!


Nothing at all, except for replacing the exhaust pipe.

General Comments:

What a beautiful car! The exhaust note was so distinctive! What a splendid car. It looked good, sounded good, performed, adequately. If someone fitted a turbo charger...Heaven!

That walnut, those seats. That gorgeous six cylinder straight six twin carb engine, which caught fire. The imperial sized boot.

Given some modern tweaking, that old bus would sell again today!

A truly serious executive wagon and very handsome!

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Review Date: 11th June, 2008

1969 Triumph 2000 mk 2 2.0 inline 6 from Australia and New Zealand


A British bulldog in oxford tweed


Replaced all the door panels the bonnet and trunk lids due to rust.

Replaced the air filter system with dual mini pod filters to increase airflow.

Added a 6-3-1 exhaust system with 2 cobys instead of 3 silencers to complement the new air intakes.

Re calibrated the Stromberg carburettors.

General Comments:

A 2500 was my first car ever, and I wanted to get a 2000 or 2.5 in good condition to keep.

I have been pleasantly surprised by the robust nature of the engine and components - this car started with no problems after a year of disuse.

The interior is pure British class, with golden wood panelling, chrome and maroon leather - hardly any plastic.

Comfort seems to be the main theme of the 2000, with a steady ride and good suspension complementing the spacious cabin.

Of course, as a thirty-plus-year-old sedan it lacks the pace of modern cars, but more than makes up for it with simple, sturdy engineering, clean Michelotti designed lines and a crisp almost aircraft-like sound.

All in all the 2000 is a distinctive ride with considerable style, and perfect for anyone who is prepared to put in the time to restore one.

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Review Date: 12th August, 2006

20th Aug 2008, 10:19

An accurate assessment of one of the best kept secrets of the Classic Car movement. I've owned a Triumph 2000 for many years and it continues to offer reliable motoring with class and style. Robust yet sophisticated engineering gives a modern feel and underlines how advanced 2000's were when released over 40 years ago.

Specialists keep these classics well supplied in spares while the enthusiast home mechanic can easily work on them or locate any number of British car mechanics to do the job.

Entry level prices are low with top examples changing hands for reasonable prices.

If you want a practical classic that is rewarding to own and drive the Triumph 2000 is perfect.

1966 Triumph 2000 2.0 6 CYLINDER from UK and Ireland


One Happy Memory that faded all too quick!


This car replaced a rather gutless 3 speed column change Victor 101 (3 bearing crank). The front discs and pads had to be changed. Then, after months of such fun the rear axle (diff.) started a vibration. Well, I still believe it was the diff. as I checked over the propshaft universal joints and practically everything else that could have caused this, but to no avail.

General Comments:

White body, blue 'leather' finish interior, a touch of wood, overdrive, a gorgeous 6 cylinder engine that in 1970 was so smooth and fast. This was one of the most enjoyable cars I've ever had, and if I could find another one now (or a 2500 Mk 2) I would really enjoy it. This car cost me £450 in 1970 and as I could not resolve (at the time) the transmission vibration - I traded it against a new 1302S Beetle and got £300 in PX. I would not even look at an air cooled Beetle now as a Classic, but boy, I'd certainly have another Triumph.

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Review Date: 25th October, 2003