1972 Triumph 2500 PI 2.5 pi from Australia and New Zealand


A car that was built 25 years ahead of its time


Fuel pump & metering unit needed reconditioning not long after buying the car.

All half shaft universals needed replacing.

Front diff seal leaking.

Note all above problems due to lack of servicing by previous owner, as the car was parked up for 3 years.

Replaced worn front and rear windscreen rubbers.

General Comments:

Now that I have restored the car back to as near as new condition as possible, I find that it drives and handles as good as any modern car I have driven.

Fuel economy is great, with the overdrive gearbox returning 33 mpg on a trip cruising at 110 kph.

Performance and seating comfort are its best two features. Not many cars that I can't pass on the hills, including V8's, and boy they don't like that.

I have a top sound system in the car, but prefer to listen to the sweet note from the engine, especially under acceleration.

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Review Date: 11th July, 2007

1973 Triumph 2500 PI from UK and Ireland


For the Grin Factor, go get one!


Will only start on 4 cylinders until choke is pushed in.

Badly fitted fuel pump was making petrol fumes leak into the car.

Fuel injector released itself on the first trip out, we limped home.

General Comments:

A real head turner.

Seriously uncomfortable in either seat.

Well worth every £ spent on her.

Named "Precious" when bought, now lovingly re-named "Wishing Well".

Huge amounts of fun, great club too.

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Review Date: 29th May, 2005

12th Oct 2005, 15:59

If your seats are uncomfortable, they are broken.

I know, I have owned 7. My current seats are also broken. That said, I have just acquired some new ones. I have driven lots of cars, and if the seats are in good nick, it should be one of the most comfortable you have driven. Also, keep the injection.

1972 Triumph 2500 PI Mark 2 2.7L 6 cylinder injection from Australia and New Zealand


An exciting reliable solid car suitable for daily use


Only the wear and tear to be expected of a car this age.

General Comments:

I have owned 7 PIs since 1978, and in 3 of them I have done hundreds of thousands of Ks. Previous ones I kept maintained, this one has been completely rebuilt over the last 4 years.

This is a very quick and reliable car.

Great for the long distances on Australian roads

The overdrive on 3rd and 4th makes for a particularly enjoyable experience on the highways

And it is equally at home in city traffic. Incredible torque means it can carry a load or cruise at low speed as well as being mind-blowing off the mark when you push it.

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Review Date: 18th April, 2004

1971 Triumph 2500 PI 2.5L Injected 6 cylinder Manual with Overdrive from Australia and New Zealand


A comfortable wolf in sheep's clothing


Gearbox lost reverse gear at 120,000 miles - problem was a flaw in the gear. I chose to recondition the whole gearbox total = $NZ450.00.

Other minor problems more related to age have been:

-Oil drips from engine and diff.

-Universal joints in D-shaft

-Overdrive wiring and switch.

General Comments:

A very comfortable car to travel in long distance.

Performance is comparable to modern cars of similar engine size as is the fuel economy.

Given the interior appointments of leather and wood, plus the bellow of the motor under duress, it makes a very satisfying drive.

Recommended upgrades:

-Lumenition (esp on early models)

-Sway bar.

I retired this car from daily use to preserve it.

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Review Date: 9th September, 2003

1973 Triumph 2500 PI 2.5 Fuel Injection from Australia and New Zealand


Quick sporting saloon with luxury and style


Had rust cut out of the front two wheel arches.

Replaced cracked dash, a common occurrence in these models.

Two uni-joints replaced.

Front seats have began to wear.

General Comments:

The 2.5 PI is a sports car in saloon clothing. The fuel injected motor has great low speed torque, with instant throttle response. Its beaten a 'worked' Mini Cooper S, BMW 2002, Alfa 2000 GTV, to name a few.

The car handles predictably and has a stiffer suspension than 2500 S/TC.

My car is white with black interior, the best combination for this car in my opinion. I'm always getting comments from my mates on how comfortable the seats are.

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Review Date: 9th March, 2003

5th Apr 2006, 01:25

Have you tried racing a GTV6, BMW 2002 Turbo, A genuine Cooper S, BMW 735i, Merc 280SEL, Escort 1600 Mexico as these are probably more matched to the performance and price range of the 2500PI (If it was running on 6)?

6th Jan 2007, 02:15

I don't think one can compare a BMW 535i or a GTV6 with a 1973 2500PI. Firstly take a look at the engine power outputs. A 2500pi puts out 100kw DIN compared to 130kw for a GTV6 and probably about 160-170kw for the 535i depending on the year of manufacture. These cars were already a lot more advanced technologically i. e electronic fuel injection/ignition etc. Compared to a 3.0 Ford Cortina XLE V6 1995 (117kw SAE),the 2500pi easily outruns it beyond 180 kph. Also take the weight of the 2500pi in consideration (approximately 1300 kg)

23rd Nov 2012, 06:09

I owned a 1971 PI, and did the following: skimmed the head 2mm, polished the valves, valve guides & ports, fitted headers & ram tubes, weighed pistons & balanced crankshaft, and machined 6lb off the flywheel. I also fitted an exhaust system with good flow... it went like a rocket, yet gave good fuel consumption if driven properly.

1972 Triumph 2500 PI 2.6 injected from Australia and New Zealand


A fun, fussy, fast, high performance saloon


Problems with the injection system. Example :-

Blocked injectors

Burst vacuum diaphragm

Clip holding fuel metering roller fell off, en-richening mixture.

Gearbox nose piece wore and restricted movement of the clutch release bearing.

Back end requires frequent maintenance to prevent half shaft lock up and subsequent rear wheel steering.

General Comments:

The car is great off the line, yet crawls and hauls a caravan very smoothly.

Overdrive 3rd is useful when overtaking from 60 to 90 mph.

A straight through pipe in place of the rear muffler makes for a beautiful crescendo.

The interior is very pleasant and complemented by reasonable ride and noise level.

Eats up a lot of Japanese sports cars.

The car will get 33 mpg when cruising.

It is a great hobby car, But could be expensive to maintain (especially the injection system) if work was done in a repairers.

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Review Date: 5th January, 2003

13th Jul 2010, 07:52

I owned a Triumph 2500PI for 6 years. Yes, the Lucas PI system does have its problems. But, when it is properly set up, the low speed torque is exhilarating!

2nd Jun 2012, 11:40

I, too, owned a 2500PI for 6 years. The low speed torque was indeed exciting.

When the Lucas petrol injection was set up correctly, it was great. Unfortunately, this required ongoing maintenance, otherwise you ran rich fuel mixture all the time. I have stripped and refurbished a control unit, and they are a nice piece of engineering. The diaphragm setup is prone to leaks. And it does depend on getting the vacuum right. When you do find a mechanic who can calibrate it correctly, they charge heaps. Very few original Triumph calibration rigs exist now.