1977 Triumph 2500TC 2.5 from Australia and New Zealand


A genuinely practical classic


Water pump leaked - replaced with a used item for $50.

Driveshaft UJ replaced - worn - WOF failure.

New shocks fitted - originals past their best - discretionary decision.

Ballast resistor failed - replaced, $10.

Brake master cylinder - leaking - replaced with new.

Alternator - new brushes and bearings - routine wear and tear.

Paint faded - resprayed.

Driver seat clips broken - easily fixed.

Steering rack boots replaced - small tears - WOF failure.

Tie rod end worn - WOF failure.

Engine mounts - collapsed - easily replaced.

General Comments:

Very tidy, low mileage unit in everyday service.

Very comfortable and easy to drive (despite no P/S).

Very easy to work on and maintain.

Most "failure" items are simply due to normal wear and tear over 30 years - and I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so anything looking poor is fixed to as-new.

Bit downside is fuel consumption - 18-19mpg around town - the autobox is the guilty party here.

Would I buy another one? You bet! (But a manual with overdrive this time.)

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Review Date: 19th December, 2010

1976 Triumph 2500TC 2.5 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Trailing arm bushes worn.

Electrical fault with overdrive.

General Comments:

Classy car with a nice long, low look. Like driving a comfy chair, certainly not sporty, but there is some potential lurking there should I choose to tune it up a bit.

Cheap to own, and reliable and dead easy to repair.

Some design quirks (it is British after all!), but a very enjoyable car to own as a weekend cruiser.

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Review Date: 16th May, 2009

1976 Triumph 2500TC TC 2.5 cc from Australia and New Zealand


Where can I order for a brand new 2004 Triumph 2500TC?


Dead battery in combination with generator problem at 138000 km (repair was about NZ$ 150)

General Comments:

Bought it, almost by accident, at a car fair for NZ$ 1750 ('as new' condition).

Never owned a Triumph before, but I'm very satisfied with this one.

Good handling, good comfort, reliable, nice strong and powerful straight six engine, nice interior, just fun to drive every time!

Spare parts in New Zealand still available at almost every street corner for 'low budget' prices.

Only downside is petrol consumption.

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Review Date: 27th November, 2004

8th Jun 2008, 08:39

Completely agree. I recently bought a 77 with just 80kms at ellerslie car fair, $1300. Perfect little car. However I think the fuel consumptions to be expected for a car her age and class. Owner obviously didn't know how to advertise it, as I gave in to all the offers and sold for a massive profit months later. People fall in love with these charming little brits.

1977 Triumph 2500TC 2500 TC 2.5 straight six, petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Cheap, usable classic


Leaking fuel-pipe (cost 10 NZD to fix)

A wheel-bearing went dead (cost 15 nzd)

Nothing really besides the high pitched whine from the diff (!)

Battery went dead. Not the cars fault.

General Comments:

I bought the car for 400 NZD. Did NZ in six months in great comfort and outstanding reliability. Sold it for 750. Not bad. I wish I had a new one. Now (living in Denmark) I own a '67 Volvo Amazon, which is pretty similar to the triumph in appearance. But I do miss the elegant style and great soundtrack from the straight six.

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Review Date: 10th September, 2003

1976 Triumph 2500TC Sedan from Australia and New Zealand


One of my best purchases


Other than routine maintance and repair this car has been relatively faultless.

Car was rust treated from new - only significant corrosion was in a panel near the battery terminal - probably electrolitic in origin - now repaired.

However a respray will soon be required due to normal age breakdown of the surface paint coating. This was a locally assembled model which did not have the same quality of paint finish as the fully imported units.

General Comments:

Body and interior are in above average condition as the car has been regularly garaged from new. A much under-rated car with an advanced suspension system for its day. It can still compete with modern luxury saloons for ride quality and comfort. Somewhat thirsty however in the absence of modern ignition control systems and a little under powered for its time.

For me I would not part with it for quits as I have now found a Triumph repair specialist which can do quality service and repairs.

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Review Date: 20th January, 2002

23rd Jul 2007, 13:55

I would very much like to know a NSW certified Triumph Dealer if you have one on hand.

Please send information regarding this to


Thank you