1976 Triumph 2500TC 2.5 six from Australia and New Zealand


A queenly drive


I bought this relic from a 100 year old lady who bought it new when she was 75. Having done only 66000 kilometres in 26 years, the car suffers from stagnation related issues rather than wear and tear.

All the suspension bushes need replacing, the shocks are stuffed and the twin carbs were tuned appallingly. Over the years, the local garage, with no knowledge of Triumph maintenance, changed things to suit their way of working. Bolts are inserted the wrong way, bits attached here and there in COMPLETELY the wrong place and non factory parts masquerading as the real deal.

The air con has absolutely no cold factor and the creaks and groans from the suspension turn heads everywhere I go. I have named my purchase "Titanic" due to the stressing metal noises that accompany me always.

General Comments:

I can tell there is an amazing car just waiting to be discovered.

The ride is seriously smooth and the huge front seats are supreme.

The engine is leisurely but sounds fantastic. Unfortunately it has a strange vibration at 100 km/h that may be the result of lack of use.

The wood trim inside draws comments from all who visit and I reckon it may be one of the best looking cars ever designed - very long and very low.

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Review Date: 9th January, 2002

19th Apr 2005, 04:37

Just to let you know that you are not alone with the strange vibration at 100km...trying to work my one out as well... I am sure it is coming from the drive shaft... needs to be ballanced... my one starts at about 100km...and disappears at about 115 -120km...then comes back when I button off.

Cheers Steve.

11th May 2005, 00:43

Many cars suffer from this problem not just triumphs. Mine luckily only does it in a minor way. Its possible that its play in the steering joints which is what is causing mine.

22nd Feb 2016, 11:02


I know many years have passed since this review, but I have been online because I just bought a 2500 TC, having had a Triumph 12/50, Mk 1 2000 and a Mk 2 2500PI back in the early seventies.

I had the vibration around the 100 Kph mark mentioned in the review on the 2000 Mk 1. I found it to be the front shock absorbers. Reconditioned struts and never had the problem again in the 50,000 miles that I put on it after - it was a 69 model that I bought in 1972 with 37,000 miles.

19th May 2018, 08:58

Have just bought a 2500tc, built in Nelson NZ 1973. Still has its original paint and whole car A1. Just had lap full reconned head and carbs tuned by a Triumph expert. Great power, smoothness and economy. Done 163k. Love this car, best in club!

1974 Triumph 2500TC 2.5 litre inline pushrod six from Australia and New Zealand


A reliable, well built classic


It has a few problems mostly due to being locked in a garage for three years but these are yet to be rectified. It has the following problems:

Rear universal joint worn.

Worn steering rack.

Trailing arm cross member mount worn.

Speedo inoperative due to worn speedo gear drive.

Rusted heater tab.

Carbs need reconditioning and are running very rough.

Front windscreen leaks.

Electrical problems ie. dash lights sometimes don't work, indicator lights sometimes won't turn off, wipers would not work (switch replaced), interior light witches problematic etc. etc.

Rusted rear muffler.

Blowing smoke on start up.

Auto transmission won't hold gears relevant to the throttle position in drive and there is no kickdown.

General Comments:

This is a car with a lot of character and is significantly better engineered and built than Australian cars of its day.

The engine is original and I can not see a leak anywhere.

The driving position is good, materials quality and attention to detail excellent, and ergonomics also good. The real wood gives lots of character.

The independent rear end and Macperson strut front end is very advanced over Australian Ford and Holden cars of the same era. If only aftermarket suspension parts were available, it would unlock this cars potential to ride and handle excellently.

This car is very reliable and has never let me down.

It's a shame Triumph are still not making cars today.

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2001