1981 Triumph TR8 PED 3.5 EFI from Australia and New Zealand


The best car I've ever owned


Distributor - upgraded to newer version. Otherwise no other major issues, but the brakes need to be upgraded as they will fade under heavy use.

General Comments:

Fun, fun, fun.

It never disappoints and is a joy to drive. The journalists got it right when they first road tested this car. Cars of the same age have no chance unless they cost 4 times more.

It all starts with the sound; not too loud but just enough to let everyone know it's not to be messed with. Out on the road, the torque in third and fourth is fantastic and top speed is more than enough at 217+ kph.

This car is a rare PED version. Only 39 were built and were to European specs, so no strangling emissions gear to ruin the performance. It also has air-con and 15" wheels.

I'm amazed at how many people comment on the car. They obviously are aware that there was a TR8 but have never seen one.

But what amazes me is the price at which these vehicles can be bought for. Being so rare and with such exhilarating performance, they should be much, much more expensive. Anyone wanting a real classic at an affordable price should get a TR8.

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Review Date: 15th October, 2020

1982 Triumph TR8 3.5L from North America


Bargain of the century


Cold start injector.

Steering rack leak.

General Comments:

You'd better buy a car in the 50,000 up range if you want to run with these cars.

The TR8 is the most comfortable sports car I've ever driven. The interior is roomy to excess, at 6'4" my feet hit the pedals just right. Great wind protection and vision.

It handles beautifully, but benefits from uprated shocks and bushes in the rear plus 14 or 15 inch tires. Even with 13" (205-60-13) the car tracks around any corner. It's a great autocrosser.

The TR6 is a nice std. roadster, but park a TR8 next to it and it becomes invisible. They are simply too common.

Performance wise, 5L Mustangs and that type of car need not show up, you can stay with a Corvette and most anything else on the open road. They are fast, but pleasant to drive. The only criticism I have is that the Rover 5 Speed is balky when cold, and you have to be careful not to tow the car or it will burn the transmission up.

The motor is jewel like in its torquey silk feeling. You can start in 2nd gear all day long and it is no problem.

They only made 69 of the 82's, 300 or so Coupes, and the rest roadsters for a total of around 2700.

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Review Date: 19th December, 2009

20th Dec 2009, 16:07

"The TR6 is a nice std. roadster, but park a TR8 next to it and it becomes invisible. They are simply too common."

I think that it is up to the individual. I personally prefer the look of the TR6.

Although the TR8 is a decent enough car, I really don't think it can compete with modern sports cars, performance wise. (Please don't get me wrong, I too love the classics)

30th Dec 2009, 06:57

I am very excited, as I have taken delivery of my Australian engineered TR8 today, a spur of the moment decision, all done inside 24 hours.

I am fortunate to have stumbled on an amazing car, where one of the previous owners lavished enormous dollars to convert the car to full original TR8 specs, and lavished by others since. Everything works and the car looks like new. These are wonderful and unique and great value.

I have had for many years classic cars; a concourse 911 convertible, a similar Maserati Ghibli, and while the dollars are much less, the smile factor for the little Triumph is just as big, if not bigger.

Personally I think most classic cars are wonderful, and I rejoice that I may be in the last generation to enjoy the growl of a V8 with fossil fuels. In 30 years I may drive a Tesla variation that gets to the benchmark in 2 seconds, but it will probably be silent, unlike the angry TR8.

6th Mar 2010, 04:32

I am now 3 months in with my mighty TR8 here in Australia. No problems, it is still a treat, and the smile is yet to subside.

17th Jul 2011, 04:48

My 18 months with the TR8 has come to an end, I loved my time with it. I do like to enjoy different cars, so the TR8 has moved to a new happy owner, and I am lining up for my a 968CS. The CS won't sound as good as the mighty Triumph, but will be a little more socially acceptable to the wife, who never really liked the fuely V8 smell and noise, or the old school seats.