2002 TVR Chimaera 4.0 V8 from Malaysia


Beauty and the beast


Drivers side door leaked during heavy downpour.

Drivers side door could only be opened from the inside sometimes.

Clutch master pump had a leak (6000km)

Accelerator pedal cable snapped. (5000km)

Engine stall occasionally when dropping gear.

Small rubber/plastic details and finishes around windscreen and doors were a little unsightly.

General Comments:

This car looks and sounds seriously sexy. You will never feel this special seated in another sports car again! Very often I get the best spot in a valet. The only downside is I get trailed very often usually closer than I would like. The car seems to get a lot of attention from chics too.

This car is quick if not seriously scary. The V8 music and muscle is a dream that reassures you (or anyone else) of the true beast that lies beneath the beauty. No sports car has ever had the nerve to fly past me. Always slowing down first as a sign of respect. Handling demands attention and skill.

It is obvious that this car was intended for a select type of drivers who know what they really want. As for me, I would never buy another make. I have to admit I have my eyes on the 5 litre AJP.

The drawbacks are really not worth worrying about when you have all of the above.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 26th May, 2003

9th Dec 2008, 00:11


I am also a M'sian, and am eyeing a 2003 TVR Chimera that is supposed to have been locally assembled.

Having read your comments, I wonder if you had serious problems getting the problems fixed (spare parts availability, etc)

Please contact me at bpff@streamyx.com so I can ask you more of your experiences & advice.

Thanks in advance.

J. Tung.

2nd Feb 2013, 12:52

In Malaysia as well, and now on my 4th Chimaera. Don't worry, we have shops with ex TVR staff to service them! They know these ladies better than anyone else!

All the problems you hear from the UK cars, we don't have them here! First, we use them all year everyday, and they were better built! Trust me, go for it!

I am the orange one with stripes that you can see in KL most of the time. Straight pipe music LOL.

4th Aug 2015, 04:08

Hi, I am looking to buy a TVR C. I live in KL and I haven't been successful locating any available for sale. Appreciate your feedback and advice. Thanks, David 0174886629.