1st Jul 2003, 15:52

Here in USA we have no Tuscans. Perhaps you could share its performance? I would like to rather submit that it cannot be quicker than a Ducati 748 or the Suzuki Hayabusa?

And, from the pictures I've readily available, there are boatloads of more handsome cars; Lotus Esprits, Modenas, Carreras, M3, Z8, the lists goes on and on. But I'm always open to suggestion.

31st Jul 2003, 15:54

It beats most 600's and 750's. Struggles with litre bikes, but the difference is academic on the road.

0-60 in 3.9 seconds (a second off a top line sportsbike)

0-100 in 8.1 seconds (matches most 600's)

Standing quarter: 11.2 seconds (beats most 600's and a few 750's)

195 mph (academic, but beats all bikes bar the 'Busa)

But with four wheels in contact with the road instead of two, it's quicker in the corners.

I love my bike don't get me wrong, but on real roads and real situations, this will give it a run for its money.

26th Mar 2004, 10:01

I upgraded my Elise to A Tuscan S when a stupid spotty nosed teenager gloated at me when he kicked my ego in a Renault 5 turbo.

The Tuscan S is fantastic. In terms of minor annoyances I agree that TVR could do a bit more to finish the job a bit. I have a handful of annoying buzzes coming from somewhere under the dash and water seeps in somewhere in heavy rain, but it heats up pretty damned quick, so I an forgive that.

Performance is unquestionable, never experienced anything like this before. I'm still nervous about hitting the red line, feel like the car will explode, but it's not done that yet, the whole thing feels so solid, yet is extremely raid. I would dearly love to find that Renault 5 ponce again, just to redeem some of my lost soul! Raced a Porsche 911 and wondered where it went on Wednesday. It completely vanished in my mirror. Quite sad really. Wish it was the 5!

29th Mar 2005, 11:02

What is wrong with you people??? You cannot compare a supercar like the Tuscan to a crotch rocket!!! You are talking 350 lbs and 120-160 horsepower and 3000lbs and 300+ horsepower!!! Bikes will always be quicker b/c of their weight. Get realistic!!! In the real world, the Tuscan is a god among vehicles, and you have no reason to compare it to other machines that turn 14000+ rpm!!! Dammit!!!

25th Apr 2005, 03:54

This is less a comment, more a question (and a dull one at that). The Tuscan's performance and looks are without debate, but how much is a year's insurance and what are the running costs (on average)? Many thanks


13th Dec 2005, 08:59

I would love to own a TVR Tuscan... I have seen ferraris and porsches many times, but believe me, I will never forget the only time I saw and heard a TVR...