12th Mar 2005, 22:46

I bought a vixen with no engine back in 1972. I bought a MG BGT engine and transmission with an overdrive unit. After changing the drive shaft, replacing the rear wheel bearings, and re-installing a broken windshield (8 weeks back then to get it!), I got it on the road. Whew! Absolutely wonderful. I repainted it Rally Orange. Truly my most memorable car except for a 350 hp '65 Corvette, which was equal, and more fun than my 1966 911S.

It breaks my heart to see them and I wonder where it is.

1st Apr 2005, 03:08

I purchased my TVR Vixen S3 (SVM 909K) in April 04 for £1050 - it was in component parts having been disassembled by the previous owner years ago with the intention to do a full restoration. To date I have spent over £12k having it professionally restored (with probably at least another £8k to go...!). It should be ready in Aug 05. I can't wait!!

I think the Vixen is the most beautiful of all TVRs - I love the shape of its rear end especially. I wish there were more of these cars on the road.

Emma Merwood.

21st Jul 2006, 03:46

My Vixen is now complete and worth every penny spent on the restoration. Neil Hookway of BM Racing Services did a splendid job - I am delighted with the result. The first 500 miles were rather "stiff" because everything needed to bed in. Apart from the exhaust falling off on the rolling road - now resolved by fitting a different bracket which allows for expansion when hot - the car has been nothing, but a pleasure to own/drive this summer. The car will shortly be featured in Retro Car magazine and I intend to do many more shows/car club events with it in the coming years.

19th Jan 2012, 15:27

Hi Emma.

Hope you get this reply. I used to own the car back in the 70's, and it was great to see it again looking so well on the internet today. If you get this message, please reply to me by email karen@fsmail.net and I will be able to send you a photo of how it looked when I owned it.

Thanks, Graham.