9th Feb 2001, 06:52

"Disrespect a top car like an Astra Coupe"?

You make it sound like the second coming!

It'a an Astra, something you go shopping in.

Vauxhall may have fitted a powerful engine, buy you'll never use it because it's front wheel drive. Loads of wheelspin and torque-steer.

The car doesn't look bad but they're just trying to echo the impact the Calibra had in it's early days.

I do agree that the Focus isn't exactly attractive, but both cars are built for going shopping in and taking your kids to the seaside.

If you want proper looks and power (that you can actually use and enjoy), then you'll have to move up to a proper coupe, not a dressed up shopper.

10th Feb 2001, 07:15

Interesting comments. However according to the leading car magazines figures, the Coupe Turbo has better performance than the 'Real Coupes',

18th Feb 2001, 06:22

The new Astra looks like a hamster on wheels, the Focus looks nicer and according to all the motoring press is a much better all round car.

21st Feb 2001, 11:23

Not true, in most resects the Astra is as good, but without the slapped fish looks of the croakus.

27th Feb 2001, 07:29

How can you even compare an Astra Turbo to a Focus?? I pick up my Astra Turbo this Thursday, after test driving a Focus, Audi TT and a Subaru. Believe you me, the turbo is a fantastic car! I must admit that I haven't give it some stick yet, but at a top speed of 152mph... hold tight!

Inside and out makes this car better than the rest.. you can even put your sim card in the CD player and use your phone through it! You get a spoiler, leather interior and bags of extras (comp) as standard. To get these extras on the TT, of which I came close to buying, would have taken me into the 30k bracket. What a RIP, considering it has a Skoda Chassis!

I can see this car actually benefiting my health also, as I'll probably start driving on a Friday and Saturday night!

7th Mar 2001, 12:07

How could you ever think the Ford Focus matches the Astra Coupe Turbo. I pick mine up this Friday and even the guy's down at Vauxhall say it's the dog's doodars. My advice is pay the extra grand for the leather, it is definitely worth it.

15th Mar 2001, 04:38

Nice Car - shame about the stupid idiot who thinks that a focus is better.

I also can't understand why anyone would think that the Audi TT is not worth the extra if you could afford it? The Astra Coupe Turbo with leather etc is £20.5k the TT180 £24.5k.

27th Mar 2001, 05:07

I love the TT, however somebody, may choose the ACT over the TT because, you can get good discounts on them and not on the Audi, making a bigger difference in price. They may also want 4 proper seats, and a nice big boot. You also get a multi disc and met paint, and according to my boys book of cars the ACT, has a higher top end than the TT (including 225), go figure!

5th Apr 2001, 12:11

Just to add my opinion to the Astra/Focus argument, the looks of the cars are good/bad depending on each persons taste, and I have never driven either car, but reading all the motor mags they all say of the standard spec cars that people buy (1.6's/1.8's with LS/LX spec) the focus is a nicer car to drive with better handling and ride etc.

22nd Jun 2001, 14:17

Why compare it with the Focus, it belongs in a group with cars like the Celica 190, Cougar V6, and Nissan 200SX.

28th Jun 2001, 16:46

I have just bought a mint second hand TVR Griffith 500 for £17k. Think about what you want on your drive waiting for you. Life is too short not too...

30th Jul 2001, 02:30

I'm getting my Astra Coupe Turbo on the 1st September. Can anyone tell me what the 'drive-by-wire' throttle is all about? Is the car as quick and responsive as I think it is going to be? Any other comments about the above car would also be appreciated.

20th Sep 2001, 07:03

I've has a turbo coupe now for about 2 months. I find that the performance is some times a bit inconsistent. You can floor it in second and some of the time it feels great and off it goes. However, most of the time it just seems to be lacking something. During acceleration you can sometimes feel it wanting to accelerate but then it seems to just drop off. Also, can anyone maintain 1200 RPM. If I just press the throttal slightly and leave it there the RPM seems to go up and down slightly - maybe this is linked ot the performance problem - I'm not sure.

4th Oct 2001, 06:24

That's what turbos are about really... You've gotta catch the revs at the right time to get good boost and acceleration. I understand what you mean though, sometimes it flies and other times it feels lazy... This might be to do with the electronic boost limiter which tries to maintain constant torque across the rev range - all to do with modern emission controls I guess... Remember this engine meets the Euro-4 standards, not enforced until 2005 I believe!

16th Jul 2002, 10:39

I have an Astra Coupe Turbo, Black with red leather interior and test drove various versions of the Focus amongst others before deciding. I park next to a Ford Focus Special at work. Nobody has even asked my colleague about his car and he himself asked to look over mine. The latest reviews for performance tell the truth about who the daddy is. Only special editions of some of the other brands come even close to it. Perhaps some of the others who have commented should try driving both cars before condemning either.

22nd Nov 2002, 12:01

Bought an Astra Coupe 2.2 Injection Bertone with body kit...looks a million dollars and goes like a bullet. gets up a lot of young boy racers noses with their Fiestas and stereo systems (which cost more than the car!!!). I would just like to say that yes I use for shopping so what? I would rather go shopping in the Astra and enjoy the lingering looks than a Focus (2 a penny)

26th Aug 2004, 12:47

I am the proud owner of a coupe turbo. have to agree the looks are so much better than the focus. had a problem with the sensors in the hub being to sensitive and affecting the traction control and ABS. other than that excellent car, great performance. someone said can't use it because its front wheel drive, but the traction can handle up to 300bhp! 250bhp can be achieved with a few simple mods.

6th Dec 2004, 19:39

What about the act 888 then???

28th Apr 2005, 08:10

I have just got an Astra Coupe Turbo and it is wicked. However, I want to make it faster; does anyone know who is good at tuning the Astra Coupe Turbo's. I herd that regal autosports are good; but they are well expensive. Any ideas?

By the way the astra beats the focus easily with style and th turbo is sweet.

23rd Feb 2007, 01:08

I have a sri turbo with 320bhp/380lb/ft. its about 100kg less than coupe and goes like sh*t of a shovel.

23rd Feb 2007, 06:01

'I've been driving and own an Astra 2003 Bertone 2.0l turbo convertable 202 BHP all standard.'

That's a bit strange, as you put 266bhp in your comments on the Ford Puma review!