27th Feb 2007, 02:24

How much money does everyone find thay put in the astra turbo.

Petrol wise I mean. I must do £150 to £200 a month. I must admit I do rev the hell out of it most of the time.


27th Feb 2007, 05:59

Well that depends on how many miles you cover.

27th Feb 2007, 09:14

If you read Mr ADP'S Comment on the Puma Comment page, He says his astra is now going back to standard due to insurance reasons.

What was your point?

(Mr Type R)

27th Feb 2007, 12:34

I put £40 a week in mine, I prob only do 100m a week at most.

Mine is running stage 3 tune 320bhp/380lb/ft.

28th Feb 2007, 01:45

That's good, £40 a week! I think I've just got to stop driving like I do, but it's so hard when you have that little bit of power. Some days I sent myself a task to keep up with the RANGE, so if it's on say 60 miles I try and get it to go to 70 miles. but it's so hard when our roads are so screwed up!

I found when the kids were of school for that week the roads were at lest 60% clearer. In other words my petrol went a long way!

A D P.

14th Nov 2007, 15:28

I've got an aruba blue 2001 coupe turbo, and I love it!! I know what you mean about inconsistent though, sometimes in 3rd it feels like it dips out then picks up again, but other than that it's the best car I've had, and I had a BMW 325 ci last year, and I can tell you all that are comparing the coupe to a Focus, that you're well off, the Astra is a proper sports coupe... Focus?? Who the heck even put that bag of crap in the same category as the coupe!!

15th Nov 2007, 11:10

The Focus RS is regarded as the best handling hot hatch in years. It's also faster than the Astra 0-60 (6.4) and puts its power down better with the front differential. By the way I own an Astra VXR, but the truth is the truth.