9th Aug 2003, 09:02

I love my Cally, however recently my engine has died in a horrible way!!! I have no compression in cylinders 1 and 2, and there is knocking at the bottom of the engine. If anyone knows of the best place to get a replacement engine under £2k (Dealer quote supplied and fitted) PLEASE e-mail me. edwardballuk@yahoo.co.uk

I need my car back!!!

Also, word of advice, if you are gonna by a Cally check the rear wheel arches!! They are prone to go and need the whole back wings replacing if done properly!!! Overall though a fantastic car!

2nd Sep 2009, 12:49

Hi I am looking at a 2.0 16v 1995 Calibra with a blown head gasket that has stood for 2 years, going to see tomorrow, should I leave it? The car looks good, needs new discs, can get it for 50 QUID?? Am nervous.



12th Aug 2010, 07:05

David, long time ago now, but if you were looking at a Cali that's only costing you £50 and you're only the day before buying it starting to worry about what state it's in, then you're not thinking straight.

I've had a Cali 4x4 Turbo for the past 3 years now and it's been a dream. Definitely the best car I've owned to date without a shadow of a doubt. So much fun it's unbelievable.

It's superchipped and has a modification list as long as the bible. Currently running 280 BHP, and I have a ringbinder bulging with documents and receipts for it.

OK it has needed regular maintenance, but with the exception of the clutch cable snapping it has never let me down. 14 years old and still on less than 80K, with no faults at current to report.

Superb motor. And on top of that I'll probably get the same amount back for it when I come to sell as what I paid for it 3 years ago, if not more.

Now there aren't many cars you can say that about.