1993 Vauxhall Calibra 2.0i 16v 2.0i from UK and Ireland


Want to keep this car forever, but it is now getting old too quickly


Driver's seat now badly worn. Idling too fast when car first bought.

Has always had a problem with overheating in slow town traffic - as did my two previous Vauxhalls.

Red car - now badly faded, especially tailgate which was replaced and sprayed by Vauxhall dealer following a rear end shunt about three years after I bought the car.

Passenger electric window control no longer works.

General Comments:

Has brilliant mid-speed acceleration, perfect for overtaking.

Still a beautiful looking model which turns heads.

Very comfortable to drive.

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Review Date: 16th June, 2006

1993 Vauxhall Calibra 16v red top 2.0 16v c20xe from UK and Ireland


Fast car for the money


Radiator switch. not costly to fix.

Central locking door unit. £45.00 from Vauxhall.

Electric window. switch needed replaced.

General Comments:

My Calibra has a j&r induction kit full free flow stainless steel exhaust with cat replacement pipe 18 inch alloys & an apex 40 mm lowering kit.

The car is quick, but it won't pull away fast in the wet because of the length & weight of it.

It will even spin in second putting the foot down in a straight line, though in the dry I have beat VTRs, CELICA GTIs, FOCUS 170s, LOTUS ELISEs & any bmw up to 3 litres.

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Review Date: 9th September, 2003

1993 Vauxhall Calibra SE1 2.0 from UK and Ireland


High performance, sexy, a monster of a car.


Head gasket needed replacing at about 90,000.

Cat unit failed and had to be replaced at 100,00.

Bearing in ming these are the only major replacements in six years of running the vehicle each and every day.

General Comments:

The Calibra is the best vehicle I have owned to date.

Reliability, stylish good looks, performance all at an affordable price.

I would recommend the Calibra to any potential buyer.

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Review Date: 16th June, 2003

7th Nov 2005, 20:10

Slow, poor performance, looks like it should leave behind not get left behind.

1993 Vauxhall Calibra 2.0 16v from UK and Ireland


A real head turner


No Problems so far.

General Comments:

The calibre is a sexy car, there are a wide variety of body mods available to make it look more sexier.

The car doesn't handle to well around corners.

Very reliable (has not let me down so far)

Engines a little cold to start, but excellent once it starts going.

Top speed Iv had is 140mph.

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Review Date: 17th May, 2002

1993 Vauxhall Calibra Turbo 4x4 from UK and Ireland


Good when it goes, but don't buy it if your on the dole..


This car has been a disaster from the second I bought it! The water light kept coming on so when I checked the water, there was all the gunk in there that you would expect to see from the head gasket going. So when I took it to be repaired I was told that it was actually the cylinder head that was cracked or something - which would cost a lot more! So I got that repaired and then after I got it fixed and several hundred pounds later, the head warped one week later! So its currently sitting on my drive doing nothing.

The heads will go on any pre-ecotec (1993) engine.

This has a knock on effect on the hoses, the radiator, and lots of other things!

General Comments:

Don't buy one!!!

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Review Date: 15th April, 2002

31st Dec 2002, 08:40

OK a lots changed since the review!

Spent a lot of money and the car is as good as new now.

I would change a few things on that review, basically its very hard to find a good gone, I doubt you will find a calibra turbo for sale without having to do any major repairs to it in the near future - its not poor design, its ignorance in early owners of the cars which lead to extreme abuse in my cars case!

But pretty much everything is new on my car - yes even the engine - and I am happy with it 4 now, but I will hopefully sell it soon and get a quicker car.

Can't fault them for what they are though!

1993 Vauxhall Calibra SE2 2.0 16v from UK and Ireland


A sleek machine


Nothing at all.

General Comments:

This is the most stunning car I have ever seen on the road, especially being solar yellow (very rare and original SE2 colour).

Performance is neat (0-60 in 8 seconds, 135 MPH top speed).

Only point I don't like is the steering is not that precise.

Black leather interior tops this car off nicely.

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Review Date: 1st September, 2001