28th Feb 2007, 13:53

Hiya, I think it could be partly due to your new cat, by putting in a new cat you have likely increased the back pressure in your exhaust. You might be best to buy a decat pipe off ebay or something and just switch the pipes over when you have to. Hope it works, though I can't see it could make that bigger difference as what you were stating, but good luck.

1st Jul 2007, 06:08

I found it fun reading all comments, especially slating the performance, although the 16v is nippy, if you want a calibra's looks to match performance remember the 2.5V6 and Turbo versions.

31st Jul 2007, 12:29

Hi there. This is my first time here and I'm no mechanic so go easy on me please.

I owned a 2.0 16v Cally some years ago. I had to let her go as the immobiliser was throwing a wobbly and every now and then the central locking would throw a fit.

Anyway I'm now looking for another one as without a doubt it was the best car I've ever owned.

Can any of you guys shed some light on the different S.E. versions and the difference with the red top and standard engines. Also are the 2.5 and 4x4 turbo's a whole lot better than the standard 2.0 16v.

Now my next comment most of you won't believe, but here goes anyway. Last year I won the lottery, a very nice 2.6 million. I own a couple of cars, one being a BMW Z4. So to those of you who think that Calibra's are "not all that" take it from someone who can pretty much afford any car he wants... they are :)

Any help would be much appreciated.

27th Sep 2007, 14:55

Re Post 15/08/07.

Sounds like a very similar problem I had on a 1993 Calibra 16v. It turned out to be the 02 (lambda) sensor in the exhaust had gone. I had a nightmare sourcing a proper Calibra sensor as they are pretty pricey so I opted for one out of a 2 litre vectra. As long at it has the same 3 wire config it should be fine. If you're 02 sensor has died the likelihood is that your cat has gone with it too. Make no mistake though the aftermarket 'cheaper' cats will not last more than a year or 2.

Hope this helps. Oh, your holey exhaust won't help either. Out of curiosity is your car using excessive fuel?

27th Sep 2007, 15:07

Re: Post 31/07/07.

Oh my life where to start.

There was an 8v which are the slowest Calibra.

They made a 16v 'Redtop' engine with 150bhp which was very nimble and the choice of most lads wanting a cheap and pretty nippy coupe.

The 'Ecotec' replaced the redtop and BHP went down to somewhere in the 130's, 0-60's were slower yet the engine was more reliable.

The V6 is the motorway cruiser which is a 2.5 litre and known to be capable of 150mph+ (apparently). Some say it will do 0-60 in 7, although according to manufacturer its more like 8.

The Turbo was the lunacy machine with over 200bhp and 4 wheel drive, 6 cogs and very very fast. Easily capable of 150+ and 0-60 to rival most modern day Turbo petrols. 4x4 system was not too reliable with jests that the rear transfer box was made of porcelain as it was that fragile. Some even chose to install a switchable device to turn the 4x4 off to prolong life of the system and use the car as a FWD.

The specs varied by year, and basically they just racked up the 'SE' numbers each year. Most early cars came with cream or black leather as standard whereas later cars started using a cloth option. Some variations were in the gauges housed in the centre console, some had aircon, fuel computers changed design and dials changed from black to white etc.

I honestly would recommend the old 'redtop' if you can find an immaculate one as they are pretty good fun and cheap to fix if you know somebody in the trade.

The V6 would be my choice and I am actively looking for an immaculate example. Power coupled with comfort and for some reason it appears to be the model that rusts the least, odd!

10th Nov 2007, 11:39

Comment for the person with the 206 GTi 180. I've had a Calibra 2.0 8v myself, and lost a race to what you've got. Then I bought a Calibra 2.0 16 v red top, and the power difference is amazing. With a re-race between the GTi and the Redtop, there wasn't much, but after 100mph the gap started to increase a lot, until the GTi was what looked like a dot of dirt in my rear view mirror. Redtops go off the clock at 140 quite quick, so the Calibras you raced I think were both broke down on the dual. So don't knock Calibras till you raced one with a good driver.

18th Feb 2008, 04:19

Quick cars those Calibras, but beating a gti 180 is a little optimistic I'm afraid.

30th Aug 2008, 01:18

Hi Guys.

I wish people would stop knocking the Calibra. have a lot of new cars and very fast too.

May I say the young guys out there think they know how to drive, well back in my day you didn't have all this fancy jazz - you had good basic cars, all most all rear wheel drive, and you had to know how to drive or you would see a wrong side of a hedge.

Well going back to the Calibra, I got rid of all my new stuff and went with a Calibra - what a car.

People who knock the car should look at todays design then look at the Calibra, there's no difference at all.

So like someone said, do your homework first, and also it's funny how Vauxhall are using the engines still today, but badged up a little bit different.

So all, have fun next time you see a Calibra at the lights. We will wave bye bye.

Good day.

17th May 2009, 05:50

Hi to one and all Calibra owners.

Was just have a good laugh about the slagging of the Calibra, my mates do too, till I lose them on motorway.

Present Calibra is the V6, previously, 2 8v's, love them, so much fun, and even the 8v was pretty nippy, topped at 135 (140 on speedo) only fault was I had to to get top end tyres to compensate for wheel spin, LOL.

But the V6, wow, 0-60 didn't get chance to count, already up to 100, book states 150+, yes it will do this cruising, as a recent trip back from Weston Super Mare testifies.

Vauxhalls do get slated all the time, but the Calibra wins every time. The engine improves, and the body is timeless.

My first car was a magnum 2.3, so much fun, playing with the Capri's, now reliving my youth playing with the boy racers ha ha.

My other car is an XK, they are roughly the same, only difference is price. So if you want a modern day performance car, but on a very small budget, the Calibra is the one.

Also if you're handy with tools, you don't have to go for one that's pristine, as parts are cheap and common enough, but get a good engine as the V6 is very tight in the engine compartment.

So happy motoring to all owners and future owners.