26th Nov 2001, 17:08

Anyone who knows the basics about cars knows that 8v cars don't need to be revved as hard as their 16v equivalents. If you're revving an 8v car past 5500rpm, whether it be a Calibra or not, you aren't driving it properly and you won't get the best out of the engine.

19th Mar 2003, 03:27

OK, if you put two Calibras, one is 8V and the other is 16V, side by side, and test them on a 0-400m track, it is 16V that will be the winner. So, I think that anyone would agree with this. Even if you tune the 8V engine (racing cams etc.) and make it an 150HP engine, as the 16V is, and test them again, you will have the same score. The 16V will again be the winner.

I had Calibra 8V (130HP), and now I have Vectra 2000 (that is same like Cavalier GSI in UK) with the c20xe "red top" 16v engine. The performance of 16v is way better than the 8v...

28th Nov 2003, 08:10

I have a C20XE (red top 16v 153 bhp) in a Nova, and my little cousin has a 20SEH (Cavalier SRi 130 bhp) engine in a Nova. Two identical cars in every aspect, from paint and exhaust, to the suspension.

The cars really turn some heads. Me and my cousin are constantly racing, and he is always last every time. He is well annoyed, and growing thirsty for more power. NOS is an option, but expensive as he would use a lot of it. I have a spare C20XE engine, but he cannot afford to insure it, as he is only 17 years of age.

There is a real problem brewing, because one of the lads has spent silly money having a C25XE (red top 2.5 V6 180 BHP approx) engine in a Corsa-B; he has a rich daddy. The Corsa doesn't really pose a problem to me; it's 200 + kilos more than a Nova, and the engine is heavier as well, so I'm having £3000.00 worth of throttle bodies and ignition management work done. This will lead to a massive 220+ BHP and a major torque figure on normal aspiration (no turbo).

Can anyone help with some cheap tricks to improve the 8-valve Nova please?

Bad boy racer.

11th Mar 2004, 08:22

I had a vauxhall nova 2L 16i and it was the worse thing I ever did. six months after we transplanted the engine the sub frame snapped. I now have a calibra and unlike the nova the frame and chassis can handle the weight and power.

14th Apr 2004, 16:35

Right let me set the record straight now about Calibras, because I really don't know where you people are getting these BHP from.

Let's start with the 8v, the 8v is at standard 115 BHP. That's right, it's not the same as a Cav SRi; a Cav SRi is 130 BHP, the SRi has 2 different things than the 8v. These things are the SRi has a different head and ECU system. If you think I'm wrong, call Vauxhall, they will tell you the same thing, but it's not all bad, because the 8v is more reliable than the 16v.

Right, the 16v is 150 BHP as standard, but yes, the parts are more expensive than the 8v, and the reliability is bad, as the head is prone to go on them.

22nd Apr 2004, 03:13

Some of the previous comments I read have nothing to do with reality. The facts are :

C20NE (2.0 8v) has 115hp@5200rpm and 170Nm@3800

C20XE (2.0 16v) has 150hp@6000rpm and 198Nm@4500.

As standard the Cossie headed is faster, but as modded I would certainly recommend the 8v. Not that it will be faster (they have identical performance), but I more reliable. I have 2 Cav's, and just sold the 3rd one a week ago. My 8v one will beat any standard 16, and will be close to a modded one, but in front of it. It is almost as fast as my 2.5. Yes, some people will say the 2.5 is in bad condition, but no, it's not. It's just with the right mods power goes from 115 lazy horses to 160 wild mustangs.

By the way, I love my 2.5 because not only is it fast, but also so easy to drive, pulling away at any rpm.

20th May 2004, 17:08

Boys... boys... boys, where are you coming from?

As a proud owner of a Calibra C20XE COSCAST... your comments about the 8v amuse me through and through. The stats that are listed seem to be somewhat misguided in my experience, with my superior 16v... yes 16v... not 8v... I said 16v C20XE engine.

For example, the 8v has 115 (BHP) @ 5500rpm, and the 16v has 150 (BHP) @ 5500rpm, not 6000rpm.

So all you 8v people, one last comment for you to consider:

How is it that the 16v is chosen to be used in modded cars for rallying, even in Fords, over the 8v, which is in your opinion the better engine...

25th Dec 2004, 10:51

I own a 8v and a 16v and the 8v pulls away off the lights a lot quicker than the 16v, the 16v has now power under 4000rpm, calibra

17th Jan 2005, 09:55

Hi everyone. I've had 3 Vauxhalls; a Nova SR 1.3, an Astra GTE, and my 3rd Vaux is the Calibra 2.0 16v SFi redtop = oh yeah, the daddy (the one every one wants).

I have had this car for 1 year, and yeah it's fast, yeah it looks good, and yes it cost lots to fix.

Since I bought it, my suspension struts have ripped (yes, you read right), my sun roof doesn't work (very annoying), my air flow meter has gone, my oil pump too, and the head lights give out less light than a mobile strapped to the front of the car.

On top of this, it has a buckled alloy so doing over 60 (which can be done in 2nd gear) is soooo annoying. If my car didn't have any of these problems, then it would be the best in the world.

Oh, and fuel consumption isn't so good £10 = 60 miles.

So I don't know why you're all stressing. I'm gonna get a Honda CRX next, after one left me at some traffic lights - this car is problem prone.

11th Feb 2006, 06:05

Mmmm... I have an H reg 8v Calibra. I've had it a year and bought it because I've always wanted one and it was cheap.

About the same time a mate bought a 16v one and he's had nowt but trouble. Yes it is faster than my 8v, but so what, my car is 16 years old, now I'm just glad it keeps going. When I want performance I get my GSX R 1000 out of the garage, 0-60 in 2.9 seconds, 186 mph etc. Yeah baby, ain't been beat yet.

11th Aug 2006, 11:50

I'm sure your bikes very fast, but I bet you've been beat by another bike at some point. As for owning a bike, no thanks, 18000 RPM of engine between your legs on two wheels at over 100 mph? Not a good idea, One pebble and you're being scraped up off the road.

24th Jun 2007, 01:35

I have read all the comments on the debate "Calibra 8V versus 16V red top" and having owned both I have these comments to add.

The 8V car is a great all rounder, and it is easy to drive fast, but there is no use revving the guts out of it. All the torque is in the low to mid range, and this drops off at high revs. It is the more comfortable car though as the suspension is softer.

The red top car is faster, but you have to really keep the revs high to make use of the available power. If you pull away the same as the 8V it doesn't feel powerful because there is less torque available at low revs. But get the revs up at 4000 and over, and you have a different animal that competes with many of the latest, and much more expensive cars! The suspension feels firmer, and the car has bigger wheels with low profile tyres than the 8V. This gives improved cornering at speed, but not quite so comfortable.

So choose between ultimate performance and comfort. But don't kid yourselves, the 16V is clearly the faster car if you know how to use it.