21st Aug 2007, 19:21

Hi guys, been reading your posts and they are very interesting and factual.

Just like to tell you a little about my experience of the 8vs and 16s. I had a 8v SRi for a pretty long time, and kept it in stunning shape. It was around 140 bhp. In that I could blow away 16vs, at the lights and on motorways, and used to love it, very very torquey and nippy.

I think the 8 valve is a tougher engine with good fuel economy, produces more torque at lower revs compared to 16vs, making it a more efficient engine.

8th Nov 2007, 13:18

For those who say the 8v has more power than the 16v; they are just kidding themselves.

You see, I've had 3 Calibras now, 2 16v'ers and an 8v. The 8v was awful, I was ashamed to own it; well I was when my father in-law overtook me in his Mondeo.

They might be more reliable. That's because you can't put stress on the engine, whereas I've had a 16v, drove it for 10 minutes and blew the head gasket. Don't let it put you off though; if you look after it, it will shine. Give it a few mods, and you're well away.

But it doesn't matter what engine you've got; keep her in good nick and love it!!!

3rd Jan 2009, 12:13

Hi, I bought myself a little Calibra couple a months ago. It's the 2.5i V6 red top, and yes I agree with you all they aren't very reliable as I've just paid out nearly £1000 on new heads and timing belt. But I get her back tomorrow, and I've missed her so much, it's one of the cars you have to love, so fast, so sexy looking, and so much fun to drive. I had a Sierra RS500 before, and as much as I loved her and still miss her, I wouldn't trade my Calibra for anything else. I think it's a car just like Marmite; you either love it or hate it. All I say is give it a go in one, you not regret it.